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January 2009

Merry Christmas.....

and Happy New Year!!

Wow, it's been ages since I blogged but I've been doing other things. Like my AMIML December journal, which I loved doing and completing!


It's full of photos and really good memories of Christmas 2008!




I've also been scrapping up a storm! and have most of my Christmas and new year pics scrapped! Nothing like staying ahead.

And of course there has been a bit of knitting, crochet and other crafting going on too. I've made a shrug, which is so lovely and toasty warm even though it's knitted in cotton. I'm working on a crochet blanket for a work collegues doggy. I have so much wool that really needs to be used up!
And i've been doing a few projects for IACW.

I have also been thinking alot about my life, as it is now, and how I would really like it to be! And a little bit about what I want for the future.

I watched a lovely movie a few weeks back, The Painted Veil, where a nun was refered to as having A Good and Simple Soul, {did you notice my blog banner?}. I want A Good and Simple Soul! So in 2009 I will be going back to basics. Going in search of the person I want to be, having the ideals that I seem to have lost somewhere alone the path of life. And making sure that I don't settle for less than I deserve, need and want in my life. It's going to involve alot of Soul Searching, but i'm ready for that!

Bring on The Good Life!!
Take care and happy day!