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November 2008

haPPy birTHday!!

to mum!

I hope you have a super fantastic day, we will be thinking of you :)


08 tickled pink 


08 mother of the bride 


10 say cheese 


11 mum and me 

1973 {or there abouts}

Mum because of you 

{lol, I did this layout years ago, and looking back I still love it but I obviously wasn't much into embellishments then. I may dig it out and add a bit more to it ;) }

Love you!

Woo Hoo it's almost the weekend.

It's been a while

since my last post, and to be honest not that much has happened to write about. I have been crafting and do have a few layouts etc to share, but i've not scanned and photographed yet.

I will be back with all that soon. Just wanted to say Hi!


Progress report

01 pashmina progress 11 11 08 

These are the squares for my pashmina. The wool is so soft and fine, really qyuite difficult to work with, although the more I do the easier it's getting. I'm working on the solid centre squares first.

01 pashmina progress 11 11 08 (2) 

It was quite difficult to lay them out without getting two colours the same next to each other as there are too few. They will be joined using the bright green and that will also be the fringe colour.

Yesterday i made a dotee doll for my neighbours birthday, who loves all things hand made. I love how it turned out and will be making a load more this coming month. I didn't manage a photo though :(

Oh poop it's time to go to work. I've had the past two days off, and I'd really prefer to have another few days at home.

Oh well!

The cost of living...

is shocking! It costs me £800 on bills, rent and food each month. I have no idea how people survive on one income and even less idea how they survive on the social. Thank heavens we don't pay for diesel!
6 months ago I put £600 a month into our joint utilities account, and I am stunned that it has gone up £200. I'm sure we are all feeling the crunch, and I truely hope it's over soon.

So onto scrapping, and for the record my stash costs each month are around £21.50. That's for the ScrapRoom monthly kit which is good for, at least, 8 layouts and 8 cards.

10 joshie boy 

And as it's a real poop day outside, i'm still in my jammies and ready to watch a few dvds and scrap.

haPPy sunDAy!!


...I venture outside for our fireworks/bonfire party, I have a few more layouts to share.

11 autumn in the garden 

11 relaxing in the garden 

lol, I didn't realise until I was scanning these layouts, how similar the titles are.

Right I think a mug of tea is in order, while I prepare to brave the cold!

This past weekend

was a crafty one and I managed loads of layouts, and am all geared up to do loads more during this month. I think it has something to do with the time of year, when the days are cold and rainy and i'd rather be in my craft room that anywhere else :)

11 callum 

11 love Stu 

11 fooling around 

One sunny day over the summer I put the boys in black t-shirts and took some photos. There are 4 that I love, 1 I scrapped earlier and these three I did over the weekend. It's the first time I have used the shadow effect on my cricut and really like how it's turned out.

You may have noticed that I am loving my dot circle stamps!!

I know i will regret saying this later today, but I hope it's less hectic than the first part of this week today.

Ciao for now!!

Back to September

I didn't do much scrapping in September, life was far to busy!

I loved this photo of Phillip and he really needs a space in our albums, as one of Stuarts oldest (in time) friends :)

09 best friends 

Us on holiday.

09 on holiday 

Poor Joshie Boy is poorly. He had a HUGE lump behind his left ear. And while it was a big lump I just kept an eye on him and made sure he wasn't off his food, in the hope it would go down.
Well on Saturday night he scratched it open and the most disgusting, YUCKY, yellow goo came oosing out of it!! I felt so sorry for him, cause I think he got a bit of a fright and didn't know what was happening.
I wrapped him up in a towel and cleaned it with some warm salty water. Poor little mite didn't move :(
The lump has gone down, but I am still keeping an eye on him in case he gets an infection.
He doesn't like the car so i'm trying to hold out as long as possible.

Now that i'm having my breakfast at home, I need something to do with my hands at morning tea. So i've made Josh a little crochet blanket. I've used up the odd balls of wool, left over from the Christmas blankets and wool my neighbour gave me. I finished it off at home on Saturday night, and this morning I started another one. I've offered it to a work colleague but she is desperate to learn herself to make him one. But being left handed, I just can't teach her, I'm trying to get her to go to Jolie in Walkern for lessons!
I am just making one big square which saves on having to join it all together :)

I have also finished all the bits of my friends baby jacket, and have NO idea how to put it together and knit the collar and down the fronts. I have studied the pattern but just can't get my head around it. I wonder if I could sew it together and crochet the rest?!?!

Once it's done I can make a bit effort to get on with my crochet pashmina. I am desperate to make it!! The wool is Rowan Kidsilk Haze and it's so soft, and the colours are GORGEOUS!! As a 'John Lewis Partnership' partner I get 25% off wool, which makes knitting a little more affordable.
I also have Rowan the Cocoon Collection, which is SCRUMMY and the Cocoon wool is so soft and lush. I have a pattern picked out, but need to get said pashmina done first!!
I seriously should not go looking for links, cause I just spied this book!!!!!!

haPPy tuESday!!
bye bye

November already!

Can you believe it's already November. Just one month left till the Festive Season really gets underway.

Our Christmas month on Creative World is going well, with awesome projects being shared. It's so lovely to get new fresh ideas from the rest of the team.

This week on my blog I am sharing layouts. It's been ages since I scanned any that it took ages yesterday to get them all on my pc, and resized.

So i'll start today with two layouts done for creative world. The first was a sketch project, and the second was for pink day.

08 tickled pink 

10 be you  

Both layouts are 6x12 which is one of my favourite sizes to scrap.

Will share more during the week.