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haPPy haLLowEEn!!

Halloween 08 (2) 

I don't usually decorate for halloween, but decided there was a first time for everything, so during the week I made a small bunting.

Halloween 08 (3) 

Halloween 08 (4) 

I got the basic shape for the pumpkin and ghost off the internet. And freehand stitched the eyes on the ghost and cut the face of the pumpkin. Letters for BOO where also freehand.
And here is the little pile of stash used...

Halloween 08 

I also tried one of Anita's little trugs. Loved making it and i'll be having a go at more for Christmas. Unfortunatly I didn't have double sided halloween papers so had to stick two bits together. Not ideal, but it worked :)

Halloween 08 (1) 

HaPPy friDAy!!

Last night

while I was creATing with this pile of YUMMY goodies...


...this was happening outside...


...and we woke up to this...



YAY, we have SNOW!! No doubt it will all be gone by this afternoon, but it's so pretty. Except if you look in the photo above you can see a big branch on my budlia (sp) has broken off under the weight :(

Okay I must go get ready for work, and have my porridge before I go out and crunch about in the snow before I leave for work ;)


Mama 'fantastic' Mia!!

Went to see Mama Mia on Friday night and it was flipping fantastic! I had such fun and have to admit that it's the best movie I have seen in ages. The singing, I admit, is dire, BUT the atmosphere is out of this world. Meryl Streep is a babe and Julie Walters is so funny she had me ready to pee in my seat!

It's a must see, and i'll be buying the dvd when it comes up to enjoy again and again, lol!!

In other news, i've been sewing today. It's been fun but a little frustrating. I tend to do things as they come into my head rather than in a logical order. It's my downfall and something i need to work on.

But now i'm off to relax on the sofa with my husband and enjoy the peace and quiet of the evening.

Ciao, and don't forget to visit the creative blog tomorrow, to see what i've been sewing!

Good morning...


Up at 6.30 today :) I need to stop off at Sainsburys on my way to work, so i'll be heading out the door in 15 minutes.

It's the bosses last day today, so we have a department breakfast at 9, and no doubt there won't be an awful lot of work going on. But it's only one day!

A-Z day tomorrow! I can't believe how fast the year has gone when I think about it in terms of fortnightly prompts. I won't even mention how many sleeps till Christmas!

Okay I must get going!


it's flipping freezing! Which made getting out of bed a real hard task this morning. I had cocooned myself in a little bubble of warmth that was right in the middle of my bed. Getting out either side meant touching very cold sheet! What made matters worse is, we are on a money saving drive, and the one thing that is breaking everyones pocket is energy bills. Last night was fine, I sat with my crochet blanket on my legs and was warm, but this morning was BBRRRRR!

Oh and it's all frosty outside too :o

If you've not already looked, pop over to the creative blog to see the lovely cards and decoration Joanne has made. She's been inspired by one stamp and created so many different looks.

Our new department manager is very nice. He is 59 and a recent widower, with lots of experience to lead us through the next year. Which is good. He's been holed up with Sandra getting as much hand over as possible, so we've not seen much of him, but no doubt once she's gone he'll be doing a walk around getting a feel for the place.

Last night I was looking through my knitting books for inspiration. I am desperate to MAKE! But as I have other projects sitting in my basket waiting to be done, I really can't start anything new, let alone buy wool to start something new!! Oh well, lol.

Okay it's almost time to leave and i've not had my porridge yet!

Another early start

Well I didn't feel too bad after yesterdays early start so i've done it again today. I shot out of bed at 5 to 7!

Today we have a new department manager starting. He's a he, our 'old' boss, who only officially leaves on the 31st is on holiday next week, is a she. Apparently he is was/is a chartered accountant, and has lots of experience in introducing new systems. Which is good considering we have a new system coming in Feb next year. He is due in at 9 and will no doubt get us all together for an introduction. Not sure if he will spend time with each team today or wait until next week when he's alone.

Speaking of the old boss, who btw is so lovely, our section are making her a stationery cake. You know like the nappy cake that is so popular for baby showers. I went out on Sunday to buy the ingredients, lol, and today we will start to put it together.

This Saturday on creative world, it's 'V' day in the A-Z project. Can you believe we're almost done! It's been a great project and i'm all geared up for next years.

Right it's time to head downstairs for breakfast. Ciao!

Early morning blogging

Good morning!!

It feels good to be up and blogging although I bet i'll be pooped by 10o'clock, lol. I was up at 7, showered, dressed and after typing up my blog post, i'll head downstairs to have breakfast. I would rather be up at 6 but with little steps i'll get back into a routine.

Oh and i'm still delcluttering :) I took a bag of stuff to the charity store last night, and Stuart is keen to get stuck into his cupboard, so we'll do clothes, shoes and coats.jackets this week and no doubt have a few bags ready to take at the weekend.

We're having a Christmassy month on creative world and by default I have landed up doing 3 posts in a row. Hope our readers don't get fed up with me, lol. Saturdays post was spicing up envelopes for bought cards. I love to make cards but never get around to making them all, so this year, I bought them super early and have stamped all my envelopes for a personal touch :)


Sundays post was a simple festive layout.

02 merry and bright 

I love my christmas tree!!

And today I am sharing some special christmas cards. There are just a couple of special cards I must make.


There is lots more coming over the next month, so pop over and take a look :)

I must be going! Till tomorrow, cheerio!

A long overdue update!


Okay so i've been slacking again. The truth is I am really battling to get motivated and getting up in the morning is a nightmare. Maybe because it's dark and my bed is just too warm and cosy. But from Monday I am on operation, get your arse outta bed!! I have started having porridge in the mornings before work, to get back into some sort of healthier eating regime. 3 meals a day, well spaced, and plenty water in between. Getting up late and having to rush is no good, even though i do manage to get my breakfast before I leave home.

Whether i manage a blog every morning again will be left to be seen.

So without anymore waffle, here is a little photo update.

28 09 08 (7) 

The two new units, sorry it's such a poop photo! Thanks mum!!

Kitchen 16 oct (22) 

The notice board mum bought me last month, thanks again! My beautiful Laura Ashley tea towels, and i hope you can see the colour of the walls okay in this photo.

Kitchen 16 oct (16) 

I have taken to having flowers in the kitchen.

Kitchen 16 oct (17) 

And my bird feeders beyond the flowers. I love to watch the birds from the kitchen. Actually it makes being in the kitchen a little more enjoyable.


And the flower bed next to the deck. Check out what it looked like in July, second photo down!

27 09 08 (4) 

One Saturday night when we had one of those glorious weekends last month, Stu and I had a BBQ. I left the lantern on the table over night and woke up to this.

haPPy saTUrday!!

I've made a start!

Project declutter, is on! And last night I made a start in the dining room cupboard. I found the baskets we used for the confetti cones at our wedding tucked down the bottom, with the paper cones still inside, empty of course. In there were also the heart decorations we had hanging in the windows, and two tin hearts which I was so excited about as I didn't think I had any left! I also found a load of odd mugs which will be going to the charity shop.

I sorted through my tablecloths, and folded them all nicely. They will go in the dresser once I've cleared that out with the table matts so it's all together!

I'm feeling better already.

Woo Hoo

Following on...

from my whinge yesterday, I have decided to take positive steps towards getting my house in order. And the first step is to draw up a plan and then of course to stick to it.

I need to tackle it room by room and finish a room off completely before starting the next one!

So this weekend I am going to finish the kitchen. It's my goal! Look out for pictures on Sunday night, or Monday morning, lol.

oh haPPy dAy!!