Hey Hey it's Friday!!
It's Saturday

Monday, Monday

why do you come round so quickly?

It's been a good weekend. On Saturday mum and I went down to Welwyn, I had a hair appointment at 8.30 and afterwards we hit the shops. I was thoroughly spoilt, with new shoes, so work clothes and a whole lotta new underwear :) No more holey knickers and escaping wires, lol. Now I just need to get Stus credit card from him and refresh his undies drawer!!

We spent the afternoon in the garden, although it wasn't too productive as it was SO hot and the ground was SO hard!! However Stu and I popped out to the shops and these very nice people, who had been up cutting Poppys hedge, had chopped the top off our hedge so now we can actually see out over our garden from the kitchen door again :) Very kind of these people to do that for us!!

Yesterday was a scrappy day, I made 4 cards and did 2 layouts. I also watched episodes 1 to 6 of season 4 of Grey's Anatomy!! It is so good, although unlike seasons 1 to 3, I didn't cry in every episode. I hope i'm not hardening up to it!

Okay i'm off to get ready for work. One day and i'm on holiday for 2 days! WOo HOo!!