Monday, Monday
Garden Time

It's Saturday

the 6th so I should be cropping but with one thing and another i've had to cancel :( But as i'm dead keen to have another crop in 2008 i've pencilled in the 8th and 9th of November for the next one.

This past week has been good. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off to spend with mum and we had great fun shopping. Tuesday morning we went to Jolie in Walkern for knit and chat. It was lovely to be there as it's something I could do every week :) Actually every day! After K&C we had lunch at a lovely pub over the road and then headed into old town to have a nail repaired and buy steaks from Waitrose for dinner.

On Wednesday our first stop was the post office in Hitchin, then coffee in Costas, a browse around La Maison Blanc, and Wilkinsons for mugs, coffee, sugar etc for the weekend. We then popped over to the craft shop in Hitchin, which I had never been into. We had a little shop as it's rude not too ;) Then off to Dunelm Mill and Laura Ashley, and after that lunch at the Roaring Meg Havester and a quick shop in Homebase, I needed a new desk lamp, and of course Hobbycraft.

Unfortunatly the 2 days flew past, and it was all too soon Thursday morning and back to work. But just two days and here we are at the weekend :) And BIG BONUS, I have Monday off so it's a long weekend for me.

SO back to today. We are off to London Colney (sp) cause apparently they have a HUGE M&S there and i'm needing a couple more bras. And then maybe a BBQ tonight at friends.

Tomorrow and Monday I think mum and I will craft! But for now, it's CIAO.