It's Saturday
Garden progress and sad goodbyes :(

Garden Time

Mum and I have done some MEGA garden time over the past two weeks. I have no photos to share today, but I am going back into the garden today armed with the camera! I didn't {what kind of a scrapbooker am I ??} take progress photos so it'll have to be before and after shots that I share.

It's mums last full day today :( It's been a great holiday and although i am looking forward to getting back to normal, the house will be quiet! I had two half days this week, Tuesday and Friday. On Tuesday we went to the plant man in Hitchin market to buy some winter plants, and yesterday we also went to Hitchin market, but this time to look around the 'old stuff' stalls. I do love the Friday market!!

I came home with a book and a wooden box, which cost me £1.50! What a bargain :)

We have two new members over at Creative World. I can't reveal who they are just yet, but we will announce them over on the blog next week!! So excited, I love these girls!
We've also got loads in the pipeline working up to Christmas, and i've got so many ideas for projects in 2009 that I can't wait to get started, although obviously we need to wait till 2009 ;)

Right i'm itching to get into the garden!