Garden Time
Todays post.....

Garden progress and sad goodbyes :(

Mum flew home last night :( Very sad to say goodbye but I know she'll enjoy getting back to her own bed, craft room and wee car, and we're going to get back into some sort of routine. I've become lazy cause I had mum to put the washing out for me, and load the washing machine, and pop into the shops to buy odds and ends for me. Not sure when we'll see each other again as Stu and I have an 'alone' Christmas this year and mum is planning a very exciting trip for herself next Sept/Oct, but hopefully i'll hop over to Africa in March for my cousins wedding.

I have two photos of the garden to share today. Firstly the bed along the side of the house...


18 05 (7) 



*SHOCK* I know, it's bare! I'm going to grass it. I decided that the light on that bed os too bad for a decent flower bed and with the veg patch right next to it there was enough going on.

And the main bed out back...


Open gardens 13 07 08 (2) 



What's left of the hedge, are those twig like things you can see in the top right! The bed is massive and we've managed to use flowers from the rest of the garden ie the bed along the side of the house to fill it up. We did bye a few heather and some grassy/hedgehog type looking things that add a bluey green colour to the garden. I am in the process of cutting back the rosemary, but I have to do it slowly so Stu doesn't notice. I don't want it cut down, just neatened up. ALOT!!

There are more but i'll save them for another day :)

And now I must go and finish off my post for creative world tomorrow.