Oh boy


It's been a while. I fell of the blog wagon and have enjoyed my time just walking along and staying away from the pc.

We've also been on holiday and had a well deserved break from the hum drum of every day life. Here are a few pics.


Boat 2

Sea gull

And Hamish!


I have more but they are on mums laptop which is still in Scotland with her :)

I'll be sharing my holiday journal on Creative World on the 7th September, so be sure to pop along and visit.

On Sunday we just rested and chilled infront of the telly, getting our breath back from the hecticness of the past month or so. Stu did a tonne of driving in Scotland so he needed a break. Yesterday however we got stuck into the garden and did a load of tidying up and mowing the lawn. I harvested the carrots and planted out the last of the radish and lettuce. We now have to enjoy the fruits of all the hard work and wait for autumn when we have a mamoth cut back in preparation for the spring.

And today it's back to work, thankfully it's a short week!

Until tomorrow!