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Hey Hey it's Friday!!

Woo Hoo it's the weekend, and tomorrow is promising to be a good day. I have a hair cut in the morning then some underwear shopping, and after that I plan to enjoy the day in the garden :)

It's my turn to post on the creative blog. And as it's Friday and we love Fridays, I have a RAK give away. Everyone who leaves a comment on this post today and tomorrow, you have till midnight Saturday the 30th. The draw will take place on Sunday and the winner will be announced on Monday the 1st September.

Mum gets back from Scotland this afternoon. And I have next Tuesday and Wednesday off to spend it with her. I think  knit and chat at Jolie is in order :D

I finally finished downloading season 4 of grey's anatomy, can't wait to watch it now!!

Okay I have a load of washing just finished that needs to be hung up and one more to go in, and then i'm caught up! That's 6 loads in two days, not bad when you have a bit of sunshine to dry it all.



of Septembers crafty crop are here.

I'm late blogging today cause my pc is busy downloading and I can't get onto the internet, so i'm sharing Stus. And for some reason it doesn't like connecting to the internet, when I use it anyway, so I have to wait for him to get online!

And now I must go to bed cause I am so tired and I really want to try get to the end of my book, lol.

haPPy huMp dAy!!


It's been a while. I fell of the blog wagon and have enjoyed my time just walking along and staying away from the pc.

We've also been on holiday and had a well deserved break from the hum drum of every day life. Here are a few pics.


Boat 2

Sea gull

And Hamish!


I have more but they are on mums laptop which is still in Scotland with her :)

I'll be sharing my holiday journal on Creative World on the 7th September, so be sure to pop along and visit.

On Sunday we just rested and chilled infront of the telly, getting our breath back from the hecticness of the past month or so. Stu did a tonne of driving in Scotland so he needed a break. Yesterday however we got stuck into the garden and did a load of tidying up and mowing the lawn. I harvested the carrots and planted out the last of the radish and lettuce. We now have to enjoy the fruits of all the hard work and wait for autumn when we have a mamoth cut back in preparation for the spring.

And today it's back to work, thankfully it's a short week!

Until tomorrow!

Oh boy

I've been a little slack with the blogging which means i'm two blog posts short of posting at least one post for each day of 2008. I'll need to make it up :)

My afternoon off with mum was lovely. We had lunch in Walkern before going into my favourite little shop Jolie {well one of my favourite shops}. Mum and I both got wool and pattern books. We have lots to keep us busy. Then we popped into Hobbycraft and had a little spend :) And finally I ran into ASDA to return some tops and also buy shampoo and wet wipes.

Last night was a very heavy session! I haven't felt too well all day, oops. Here are some photos I took as we sat around the table talking.

Stu, his best friend Phillip and mum...




Phillip flies back to SA tonight, mum is in Brighton, and Stu and I have the house to ourselves! It's been a while and it all starts again when the kids come down this weekend, and Stus dad comes back from Switzerland on Sunday. Oh well.

But now i'm off to finish dinner and chill on the couch watching a dvd.

I'm having...

half day today, YIPEE! Going to come home and collect mum, and go on a little crafty shopping spree.

Work is quiet, which is most unusual. Yesterday, for the first time since I started on the section in Feb, I actually had nothing to do. But of course none of the management know this ;) We just went on a scroung and found stuff we could help the other girls out with. It's a great feeling to be caught up, apparently it doesn't happen often!

I think one of the reasons is the buyers are busy with Autumn 09 sign off so aren't looking for suppliers right now. The branches have paid their Christmas parties and coaches, so they're not opening new accounts. We're enjoying it while it lasts cause I know it'll all kick off again and we'll be hectic.

We have some Waitrose visitors in this morning, so we'll need to show them what we do and how we do it.

But now it's time to get off to work.


Yesterday was not a good day for blogging. I just couldn't get myself motivated to sit at the computer and think of what to type. I did however start working on a litle project for later in the year.

I can't find selphy paper and ink cartridges in any stores around here, which is most frustrating! I guess i'll have to order one on line. Then I can bind my 'month in my life' journal.

Friday lunch time, I collected Stus friend {from school} from the station, he has come to visit for a few days. Well actually we had him for one night then he went off to visit family and he is due back tomorrow, to stay for a couple of nights before heading back to SA.

Stus dad flew to Switzerland on Saturday, very early, and comes back this coming Sunday.

And mum arrived on Saturday :) She's here till Thursday, then off to Brighton, and after that Scotland where we will meet up and bring her back with us to stay for September.

The kids are down this weekend, so it's been and will continue to be a very busy few weeks!

Yesterday was a lazy day, with mum and I staying in our pjs ALL DAY! Stu got dressed but only because he wanted to go out and buy leathers, lol.

But now I must say ciao, as it's almost time to head to the office, and I have to still brush my teeth and do something with my hair *YIKES*.

I'm crumbling

under the strain of having my space invaded. Although I think poor Stu is feeling it more than more :(

Anyway, it's part of life and we just soldier on and make the most of the time we have the oldies cause one day they will be gone and then we'll be sad.

I'm trying to get caught up with the washing today as it's supposed to be dry and I only have two loads to do. Housework really gets me down, cause it's NEVER ENDING. You finish one chore and anyone looms waiting to be done and once you've worked your way through it all, you just have to start again. What a pain in the arse!

I think I will invent a self cleaning house :) How rich would I be if I did that?? Very, lol.

Okay, that's it from me. Look out for the A-Z email later today and our pages will be on the Creative blog tomorrow :)