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Last night

I managed to get the best sleep i've had in a week. Thank heavens!! I had a little look on the internet {and a dream book we have lying around at work} for clues about why i'm having these dreams. The one common thread was anxiety.

Now I had to think a little about what was making me anxious and I finally figured it all out and did something about it.

Last week when I was off, I spent a little money. Not much as I proved with the photos I posted of my treats. But I got it into my head that I spent more then I had and started to have a major panic about having any money left for our week in Scotland! We're driving up so that's a big expense, and I thought i'd have no money left for the actual holiday.

So the simple solution.......I logged onto my internet banking and checked my balance! I also told Stuart why I was feeling anxious and he put my mind at ease about how much we'd need. And I felt INSTANTLY better! I have enough money :)

It's amazing how your dreams reflect life and almost push you into dealing with an issues you have lying around.

So today is the last of A Month in My Life project. Can't believe it's over. It's been such a fun project to do.

It's nearly time to head to work, so i'll say cheerio!


I am going to be a crochet teacher. My colleague is keen to crochet. We did have a mini lesson two weeks back but as I only had one hook with me it was a little difficult. Today I will have my hook and a ball of wool and she will have hers. We will do a few squares to start, so she can get the hang of how to hold the hook and wool. That's often the most difficult task to master, but once you've got it, it's easy :)

I have been having the most awful dreams just lately, and last nights was no exception. There was a war going on, but there was also a disease flying about. You know one of those that makes you mad and your skin falls off. I wonder if it wasn't chemical warfare. Anyway people where dying and I was there to comfort them in their last minutes. Really freaky and sad. Needless to say my sleep was broken and restless.

Um just while i'm on the subject, the night before I was being chased by a bear! Anyone have one of those dream books??

Okay I must go hang some washing, and get me off to work.


I would like to imerse myself in ART. Just pick up a sketch pad and pencil and draw and just see where it takes me. My problem is i'm scared. I'm scared of it being a complete mess and looking like a dogs breakfast! I spend so much time looking through books and magazines and trying to find inspiration and advise, that i'm exhausted before I even begin!

A Month in My Life project is drawing to a close this week. We're doing a catch up on the creative blog on Sunday to see finished books :) Can't wait!

4 sleeps till mum arrives :) I am looking forward to catching up with the gossip from home, and having a face to face conversation. Email, phones and forums are so impersonnal.

Oh before I forget, I picked these delightful books up at a carboot two weekends back. Stu spied them for me and I just had to have them :)

Holiday spends (3)

Right I must get off to work.

And it's Monday

Our guests all left at around 10pm, and Stu, thankfully, sent the kids to bed so at least I had 10 minutes of chill out before showering and getting into bed.

Unfortunalty I couldn's sleep, must have been the heat and a still too active mind that was keeping me awake :( I was still tossing and turning at 12.35, well that's the last time I looked at the clock, and woke up at hourly intervals through the night.

I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work, and back into a routine. Strange I know but anyway!

But right now I must get moving so till tomorrow!

I'm feeling

a little over crowded today. Usually by this time on a Sunday we've sent the kids back and Stu and I have time to ourselves while getting ready to face the week ahead. Today, in fact right now, we have a house full and I have escaped to have 5 minutes to myself.

I know I will go to bed harassed and agitated which is not a great start to the week. I hardly feel like i've had a week off. Next weekend mum arrives and Stu is out on Sunday to Donnington, so it will be a little more chilled out!

Stuarts dad and his wife arrived at 3.30pm yesterday, 24 hours after they started their journey in Cape Town. It's really too long to travel, and the heat we're having is quite oppressive, so they are still pretty tired.

I've had a day of sun tanning today :) At one point the thermometer read 32degrees!! Although that was possibly cause the sun was shining on it, lol. It did cool down to 30 and finally 26.

I wonder what next week will be like?


hey hey it's Friday

Or rather Friday night, lol.

I have some pics to share of my spends from yesterday and today.

I set myself a £10 budget in hobbycraft and managed to stick to it, well I under spent by .05p :)

Holiday spends

I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to paper mania but these brads have such a retro look to them, I couldn't resist!

This little spice rack was £2 in a charity store and it perfect for my button filled spice bottles. It needs to be painted :)

Holiday spends (4)

And I had a little stop off at La Maison Blanc yesterday too, and had to have this gorgeous red spotty ribbon and lavender filled bag for my craft room. I know I make them myself but I love to support small shops that sell the most scrummy stuff :)

Holiday spends (2)

Today I set myself a budget of £20 and actually spent a mear £7!

Holiday spends (1)

I have had such a cool week off and got so many little things done. So all in all it was a success.

We have the kids again this weekend and Stus dad and his wife arrive tomorrow, it's going to be busy!

Till tomorrow!


Late last night I popped onto the creative world forum to check the schedule and discovered that I wasn't due to post today but rather tomorrow! But you got a sneaky peak yesterday anyway, lol.

Today I have a mini pedi scheduled for 12.30pm and I need to collect Stus meds from the pharmacy. The afternoon is due to be sunny so I hope to sit outside and do a bit of art. Not sure what yet, but last night I got all inspired to get the watercolours pencils out.

I am making good progess with my A-Z journal. We always have to be one step ahead and with a busy two months coming up it's good to have a bit of pressure taken off :) I also write up the emails we send the day before the post goes live, so i've been getting ahead with those too.

I may also pop into the craft store in Hitchin, just for a look ;) Ooh and maybe a little nosey around La Maison Blanc too.

Now my lovely finds in Laura Ashley!


I love white embroidered tea towels, BUT i'm going to have to hide them cause if the boys use them they'll be destroyed!! I'll bring them out for my use only, lol.


And these crochet beauties were a steal at £2 for 4 coasters and £4 for 2 tray doilies. I'd never be able to make them for that price!!

And tomorrow is Hitchin market day for me. I love the old stuff they have on a Friday. My budget is £20, and I know i'll come home with a bag full!

Till later!

Day of bargins

Yesterday I had a little trip to the shops where I found some bargins.

Firstly these cute retro storage jars from Duelm Mill...


I'm slowly trying to replace my ikea ribbon jars. While there is nothing wrong with them, I would rather have 12 different jars for my ribbons :)

And I also spied this gorgeous poppy mug. Now my gram loved poppys and used to paint them so beautifully, it seemed fitting to buy one for my small paintbrushes. It's practical and also inspirational! And I picked up one for mums studio too!


I also popped into the Laura Ashley sale and had a tiny spend, but i'll save those treats for tomorrow :)

I'm a post behind so look out this afternoon for a sneaky peak at my Creative World post for tomorrow!

This afternoon I plan to get some more pages of my A-Z journal done so i'm ahead rather than trying to keep up.