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Over the past few weeks my scrapping area has gone from organised and tidy, to me not being able to find a space on my small desk to work. So this morning i've had a tidy up. Things are once again in the place :) And i'm ready to be creative, although the only problem is I have to go to work :(

This weekend has not felt long enough, 1 day is not enough to relax and do everything around the house and garden that needs doing. But the up side is I am on 4.30 finishes this week, woo hoo!

It's A Month in My Life project kick off tomorrow, so many people are joining in, which is so exciting! I just hope I can keep up with a little page every day.

And it's also A-Z on Friday, and the letter N.....already *shock*. This project has been such fun to do, and I can't believe I have managed to keep up, lol. I guess it helps that we have to have a page to show on the creative blog every fortnight.

I have been on a little inspection of the garden this morning and my hard work yesterday has really paid off. I still have one bed to plant, and the big beds to tidy up and weed, but the veg patch is done, the bed along the side of the house, the bed along the side of the garage and both beds outside the kitchen door. I will need to take more progress photos to show this week.

But now I must do a little work for the creative blog, before heading to work :)


I am about to colapse from exhaustion! I'm totally POOPED and can barely keep my head up, oh and i'm STARVING too.

Although we had a little lie in this morning and only left the house to do out chores at around 11, I have spent about 5 hours in the garden, digging, planting and mowing. My body aches, lol.

And Stu just called me down for dinner, so alas I must go and get fed!
Till tomorrow!


i didn't get around to blogging yesterday and i am a cheat, please consider this Saturdays post and look out later for todays ;)

So yesterday I did my shop floor helping hands thing and I am in two minds as to how I feel about it. One one hand it was exhausting! My feet ache, my back aches and I am pooped today. One the other hand it was AWESOME FUN!! Yup, what a blast, getting stuck in, keeping shelves stocked and packed, I was in handbags, how lucky can a girl be! I got to play with Radleys, billy bags, ted bakers, tula {my hat these are cute}, ri2k and nica all day. I helped people, finding them the bags they want, encouraging them to BUY! lol, it was great and i've even been invited back at Christmas :)

And onto today, we off to Wilkinsons for some derris dust, slug bait and ant powder, and to look for some edging for two of my flower beds. Then off to the garden centre for compost and plants, I need more perennials for the big bed in front of the decking. I'd also like to see if they have climbing Jasmine and what the price is. With my birthday coming up I need to make a list for work. Birthdays in the CPO are fabbo!

Okay gotta go see what's happening on the forums before we leave.


Just realised I didn't blog today yet!

But i'm now too tired and have a sore eye so need to go to bed cause i'm doing my helping hands thing tomorrow, and i'm exhausted.

Will have more tomorrow.
Night night

I've done it.....

Last night I said yes to entering the garden for open gardens. Now there are no prizes, just lots of people wondering in and around your garden. And my garden is really nothing spectacular, which is why I have 'novice' gardener in the program!!

It does mean that I have just over two weeks to do a lot of work. There are plants that need planting, weeds that need zapping, grass that needs mowing and lots of watering and talking to get everything to grow, lol. I guess a visit to the garden centre is needed.

This weekend is going to be a busy one cause I am doing helping hands at JL in Welwyn. Basically all the 'office' workers of the partnership lend a hand on the shop floor. Doing stuff like restocking shelves, packing bags at the tills and taking stuff to customer collections. I'll be run off my feet but it means i get to see the shop in action and it looks great on my ARP. Oh and did I mention clearance starts on Saturday *YIKES* it's going to be MANIC!!

And here are another two layouts from my garden album :)

06 sweetpeas

06 tulip

And right now i'm off to hang washing before I head into work!
haPPy dAy!!


post from me today as i'm running very late! Still feeling bleurgh with my hayfever and blocked up sinuses. The post nasal drip isn't helping much either, that's just making me feel nauseous :(

Anyway here are another two layouts from my little garden album...

06 dandylion

06 spring bloom

It's like these papers were made for this album :)

haPPy hUmp dAy!!

bliddy internet

is seriously driving me nuts! *grumpy face*. And my nose! Well that is even worse, i've been up since 20 to 3 this morning with a runny nose that was so blocked up I couldn't blow it *even grumpier face*. So now i'm really tired :(

A couple more layouts from my garden album...

06 daffodil

06 daisy

I am using my chatterbox papers for this album *YIKES*. It's my favourite paper line, and i'm always a bit scared to use it just in case I never find anymore or they stop making it *blushing face here*.

I'm off to work in a mo cause i'm on my own this week, and even though it was quiet yesterday, all hell could break loose today!

Till tomorrow, take care!

feeling BLEURGH!

And frustrated! Firstly the bleurgh.....i have hayfever and it's driving me bonkers. And this morning I have woken up with a really sore throat. And my nose is red raw from being blown so much. And i'm frustrated cause my internet is SO slow this morning, each page is taking an age to open.

In an effort to blog easy this week i'm going to upload a few of my garden LOs each day. They are all in their own gallery but it's nice to upload photos in a post, and I don't have any others to share. Must really take the camera out again!

06 garden album cover

06 rose

I've had this 6x6 album for years, and finally found a use for it. Perfect size for a photo and a title :)

Okay this post has taken me ages cause everything is so slow!
Must dash

Did you find it?

Last night I uploaded the gallery for A Month in My Life Project that is running in July over on Creative World. The reason I uploaded it is because I wanted to put a link in my post for today which automatically posted at midnight, but i'm not sure anyone noticed it there!

I'm so excited to get this project on the way, cause I've wanting to do it for years! The idea came from a project in Rebecca Sowers book, Scrapbooking Life's Little Secrets {page 62 if you have the book}. And it's been on my mind since Autumn 2004. Talk about finally getting around to doing a project!


My 'book' was inspired by one I saw on Emily Falconbridge's blog back in December/January some time. I have looked for it on her blog cause I wanted to link to it, but I can't :( Anyway thanks for the idea Emily :)

I hope loads of people are going to join in cause it's going to be great fun!

Anyway gotta go help with dinner, we're having roast beef with ALL the trimmings :)