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Party time

We had a bit of a late start to the day, as Danni and I were up till almost 2 this morning chatting. We had such a good night, with supper at the pub and loads of catching up.

Um and also a bit too much wine! Although thankfully I didn't have a sore head this morning.

We had a little trip to Sainsburys for the bits for the braai, and then we came home, did a bit of cleaning and I mowed the lawn. Now I need to jump in the shower and then make a salad.

It's our big 1st birthday over on Creative World tomorrow, so be sure to pop over and see details of how to win prizes during the month of June!

Okay must go shower!

Getting to grips

I'm finally getting to grips with this compose page that typepad have introduced. It's amazing how they didn't announce the changes, and also have a 'how to' page, showing peeps how to use it!

Anyway back to today, and HEY HEY it's Friday!! Woo Hoo! Also made a thousand times better because I have next week off :) Yay me.

I have two layouts to share today. the first is VERY simple, using on a sheet of cardstock, a pen and vinyl stickers.

05 learning to ride

the second is using one of the impromptu photo shoot photos. Love this one! Also love these Fancy Pants papers :)

05 father and son

So what plans for the weekend?? Well Danni is driving up tonight or tomorrow morning for a visit. Looking forward to that as we've not had a weekend together in ages. Saturday late afternoon, early evening some of the girls from work are popping in for a glass, or 6, of wine. Will get some chicken to throw on the barbie, and make a big salad.

Other than that it really depends on the weather. If the sun shines i have gardening to do. If it rains I can craft or better still finish the kitchen!

Right I must go make my lunch and go to work.

bYe bYe!!

a quick...

post from me tonight. I had a little sleep in this morning as I was shattered by the time I went to bed last night. Hence no blog post.

Work today was good, although it did get off to a rocky start. There is no way of planning the day and wanting to get through all the work, cause there is always a call that will throw the spanner in the works. But it did get better and we managed to catch up with tons!!

I am missing my husband so much. There is no one to talk to :( Except Josh, but then he can't answer me, or agree with what i'm saying, lol. However I have been productive this evening and have made all my June cards.

Oh and I popped into ASDA on my way home and stocked up on DVDs. They have a massive sale on and I picked up a few for £2 each!!! Bloody marvelous!

But right now I need to go to bed!

Till tomorrow :)

He's off

and I am missing him already!

Stuart left at 5:40am for the TT. He has barely slept with the excitment, so of course I have barely slept! Mike, Neil and Tom were due to pick him up at 5am, so I got up at 10 to 5 to say goodbye. Of course they were late which meant I stayed up! The upside is that I have done a ton of housework, a load of washing, and unpacked, reloaded and switched on, the dishwasher. I need to change the spare bed for Danni's visit this weekend, and pack away the mountain of clothes lying on our bedroom floor. And then I will be all tidy.

Tonight I am having my nails done. So there will be no cleaning when I get home.

I have a couple of photos today. Stu's bike all packed, and the boys leaving this morning.



Keep the boys safe as they travel to, around and back from the Isle of Man.

haPPy hUmp dAy!!

no internet

at home, so i'm blogging from work. Had another early start this morning as the car has gone into the shop for a few minor repairs. The major repair was done yesterday by Stuart, turns out there was no fan belt. Yup the whole thing had fallen off and we spent three days driving about without one.

Thankfully I have a husband of many talents and he did the necessary to get us properly on the road again. The minor repairs are a few lamps that need changing, and the car shop is just around the corner from work. So i've left the keys in an envelope with all the details through the door. How convenient!!

Obviously I have no photos to share but this isn't too much of an issue as I am SO not liking the new compose page on typepad. It's as unstable and unpredictable as blogger, and we have the privledge of paying for it *angry face*

We're coming up to a pretty special date on creative world, and we're so excited. Keep watching as there are a few surprises in store too!

Okay that's it from me.

haPPy baNk hoLIday!

I hope you've all had a good day!

I've crafted and watched tv :) The day has been so relaxing. No gardening though cause it's raining and miserable outside!

I have a few photos to share but as I am hating this new typepad, I will say my goodbyes and then upload the photos!


PS I have been tagged by Trish and will get around to posting about it soon!




25 05 08 (36)



It's been a busy day. We left home at 8.30 this morning to go around to our friends Mike and Chantal who Baptised their baby girl today. It was a lovely service and more lovely that mikes parents were here to share it with them.

I have photos to share but i've not downloaded them to the laptop yet. I will do tomorrow :)

After the Baptism we went back to theirs for a braai, so only just got home. It's been a long day and I am ready for my bed!


PS. Please bare with me while I get to grips with the new typepad. It's really annoying me cause everything seems to be all over the place!

Hey hey it's Friday

and my car is about to go on the fritz, so I had to leave home super early this morning to go get money and go past the mechanic to see if they could fit me in. Well they couldn't! No that's not strictly true, they only do MOTs on land rovers so really they couldn't fix me. But I have found a place up the road from work that can take me on Tuesday, so I will drop the car there early, pop the keys through the door, and walk down the road to work. In the mean time I hope it doesn't break down completely over the weekend!

The weather for bank holiday is not looking good :( which is so poop! I had planned to get stuck into the garden again, and finish off some planting. The grass is also in dire need of a cut. Oh well, it'll just have to wait and i'll have to spend the time crafting instead, lol.

I leave you with a photo of my step son learning to ride Stus bike on the weekend. I think we're heading for trouble!

Learning to ride

haPPy friDAy niGHt!


That's how I felt this morning standing in a 'cold water only' shower! We have no electricity, which is why I was at work at 7 this morning and am blogging from the Discovery Room.

So obviously I have no photos to share. And actually very little news.

Stu is off to the TT next week, and my feelings are torn. On one hand I am looking forward to enjoying some me time. Crafting, gardening and browsing around the shops for hours. But on the other hand I know my heart will ache with missing him the second he rides down the driveway, and i'll spend the next few minutes working out how long it is till he's back.

Oh and the kitchen is still not finished! It now feels like it's dragging so I hope to get the grouting done on the weekend, and then I can prepare the walls and paint when Stu is away. Once that is done, the easy bit at the end will be changing the cupboard doors.

Okay i'm running out of steam with this post. Lets hope I have more to share tomorrow.