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April 2008

hump day :)

goodness me, I have no idea where the time is going! This week is whizzing by.

I am VERY uninspired to blog today! So will leave you with a photo of Ron, it's the last one taken of him by Poppy on their way out one day in the last month.


haPPy dAy!!

kitchen progress

got some photos to share....





and a little close up of the corner where we have boxed in the pipes.


Still on the to do list...
seal tiles
put plug sockets back (need long screws)
change cupboard doors
put up two new wall units (one above the stripy cookie jar, and one where the fresh ice cream sign is)
put in plinths
sand and fill walls
sand skirtings
sand pantry door
paint (it's the bottom blue btw)

Loads to do, but it's getting there!

We're back in the garden over on creative world today. Lemons potatoes are doing so well!

It's charity week over at work, and we have loads on, including make overs, dress down days and an auction! Totally love working for John Lewis!

Speaking of which I need to go get ready.

eYe caNDy

is what i'm sharing today :) Really love my new jars, flippin gorgeous!


You gotta go see the post on creative world today. Cath has made banana loaf, and it looks so SCRUMPTIOUS! yuMMy.

My old boss officially leaves the project today so he's in today to hand over and take his stuff. His new project is going well, and I wish him loads of success and hope this leads him onwards and upwards.

My legs are still achy and shakey today, so i'll need to go out for a walk on the rec tonight to loosen them up! lol, and someone told me gardening was meant to be fun!!

And with that thought I leave you!
haPPy monDAy!!

Productive weekend

Yesterday I was up bright and early and into Hitchin by 10 past 9. I popped into Wilkinsons for shampoo and La Maison Blanc for a browse and to see if they had any other glass jars. They did and I bought it, will take a pic later :) I have moved my crochet flowers into it and am using my sweetie jar for ribbon. I also bought some plants from the guy at the market and had a little shop at the mediteranian food stall too.

Then is we off to the garden centre were I bought more plants, 3 terracotta pots and a jar of toffees. The toffees are going to work and the jar is already full of ribbon. I now have all my ribbon divided up into type, and on the shelf :) Totally love the colour inspiration.

When I got home I started to work in the garden. All, but one, of my new plants are in the ground, the greenhouse is bursting and flourishing. I bought a parsley which is in one of the new pots, one is going to be for chives and the third I will use to grow lettuce, just two or three at a time.

I mowed the back lawn, which thankfully Stu did two weeks back so it wasn't too long. But the side of the house was at least calf hight, so FLIPPIN difficult to cut. Took me hours and my body ached from top to toe. {Actually it aches like heck still!!}

As it was such a beautiful day, we had a bbq last night, although by the time the food was cooked it was a bit chilly so we ate inside.

Poppy came round to see me to ask me if I would make the remembrance cards for Rons funeral. Of course I said yes, so went to see her this morning with my laptop and we planned it. I now just have to get the paper and print a few for her to see and proof.

She is so strong. But you can see the heartache in her eyes. I wish I could take her pain.

This morning we finished tiling the kitchen, woo hoo!! It is looking so lovely. Over this coming week I need to give them another seal and then next weekend we can grout. And next saturday we will pop into Howdens to get the two additional cupboards and possibly all the cupboard doors, and the plinths. Then I can rub the walls down, fill the holes and paint. SO we could be looking at having the kitchen complete by end of bank holiday weekend!! Thanksfully at no point have we been living in a building site. With every stage of work the kitchen has been cleaned and usable afterwards. Photos to follow.

The reason, by the way, that i'm not aking photos of anything now, is because I have been dropping everything I pick up this afternoon. I'd hate to drop my camera!!

Hope you have all had a great weekend!

It's A-Z time

and todays letter is 'I'...


I chose INTERESTS, and as they are MY interests, I have a picture of ME on my page :)

Stu is off to Donnington today with Mike, so I have a day of me time. YIPPEE!!

I want to try pop in and see Poppy again soon, but she has a steady stream of cars and people in and out. And no doubt the weekend will be worse. Perhaps Sunday afternoon.

haPPy dAy!!


it's Friday!!

And I have a day to myself tomorrow as DH is off to Donnington with a friend who is doing a track day. Depending on the weather I have a few things i'd like to do. Need one more glass jar to finish off my ribbon sorting. Would aslo like to visit the garden centre to buy a few more spring flowering plants. And of course it's the UKS Cyber Crop this weekend, so I would like to do a few classes.

Just checked the weather and we are forcast sunny intervals and 18degrees for Saturday, so it may be gardening will win this time!

Loving Jakeys post on creative world today! Wish I was brave enough to doodle on my LOs. Although maybe i'll give it a go using Jakes guidelines :)

No photos to share today i'm afraid.

haPPy frIDay!!

sneaky peak

I just have a sneaky peak to share today......I_sneaky_peak

It's my I page for the A-Z journal which will be live on creATive world on Saturday. Emails will be going out early again tomorrow as I have a nail appointment tomorrow night :)

That's it from me.

Crochet flowers

is what my post on Creative World is all about today :)

I have caught the crochet bug and now can't seem to stop!


I've loved making these flowers but now can't decide if I want to use them or keep them in a jar!

Yesterday I worked on my 'I' page for A-Z project day on Saturday. I've used my Tim Holtz distress ink again, but I think it's alot less 'full' than I thought it was :( I really like them so will have to invest in another real soon!

haPPy tuESday!
and thanks for visiting :)

It's my turn

on Creative World today and I have made myself a card caddy to store 25-30 ready made cards!



I really love these basic grey tins. Unfortunatly that's my last one used now :(

I am still at home cause my tummy is playing up. Won't go into too much details {lol} but I feel bleurgh, and I don't want to be stuck in the traffic and needing to be sick!

bYe fOr nOw!!