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What can you fit into a match box??

a mini book of course. You gotta go see the project on Creative world today! It's flippin cute :)

Today is my wedding anniversary. 1 year :) Here is the card I made Stuart....



Still totally inspired by the card making archive of creative world, I can't stop :D But this card was inspired by the 3rd card down over on Andreas blog. I love the big letters!



The weekend is over :(

haPPy monDAy!!

Tickled pink

The 30th last night was a blast. We had such fun dressing up felt so good having made an effort to fit the theme of the party :)

I don't have any photos of me, cause I was taking photos with my camera but I know Chantal has some so will get them soon. In the mean time here is a photo of the birthday boy and my gorgeous husband!


and here is a closer look at Stuarts goatie!!


heehee :D

haPPy whAt's leFt of sunDAy!!



So haPPy creating these pages :)

I had my nails done last night and can't really type yet, so it's another short one from me today, lol.

We have the party tonight and staying over so i'm not sure what time I will get to blog, BUT i will!!

haPPy satURday!!

Very brief

post today and no pictures to share :(

I'm blogging before work again and want to get in early to have a bit of a catch up. Yesterday was manic!! Having my nails done tonight and may pop into habbycraft before hand to stock up on fat quarters, but only if they are on SALE!!

Okay that's it, must fly!


A sneaky peak

of my A-Z G page today


The pages will be up on Saturday and the prompts will go out as usual on Friday night!

Craft room/area update.....It's still tidy and i'm still loving it, lol. Actually I surprise myself every day with how neat it still is. So much better to create in an organised space.

Note for mum.....we will lay the tiles out in batches, but my worry is Josh sleeping on them!! Oh and they take 24 hours to dry so it's going to be a loooooong process, lol. Would be better laying them out in the garage, but then where does the bike live?? And DON'T say in the lounge, that was my fathers trick, not my husbands, lol.

oH haPPy dAy!!

Quick post today cause I am blogging before work, and really need to get going.

Not much to report today.....i'm having my nails done on Friday night, ready for the 30th we are going to on Saturday night. Kitchen progress has ground to a halt until we can figure out where to lay all the tiles out for sealing before they go on the walls. Apparently it is very important that they are sealed before or else they adsorbe the moisture from the adhesive, and it can come through to the front and discolour :O We don't want that. And that's about it :)

Took a quick photo of my East of India ribbons to show the Herts girls on UKS. The shop I go to is in Hitchin, La Maison Blanc, and is just awesome! I wish I could move my bed in there and live in the shop :D


haPPy huMp dAy!!

What you need in an emergency

that's the theme of my post over on creative world today :)

This little tin lives in my desk drawer and has everything I need for a tough day at the office.


more pics over on the blog.

Thankfully it's another 4 day week, and pay day and my colleague is back from holiday on Wednesday so I can have a little breather! I'll be needing a half day soon I think.

Don't forget to book your place at the weekend crop happening in May. I think it's going to be a blast. Just chilled out, relaxing cropping :)

haPPy dAy!!

I've not felt much like blogging

today. Not felt inspired till now.

Our BBQ yesterday was lovely, it was freezing outside but I braved it with a few mugs of coffee.  Of course having BBQ'd meat makes up for the pain of being so cold.

We also had a little 'show' from our niece, which was so funny we nearly pee'd laughing. I think I can add video clips on here but I need to get it of Stus pc first, then I will share. We didn't capture the whole thing, but you'll get the general idea!!

And I have a few more kitchen pics to share.

First the tile'less walls!! You can see how the plaster came off in some bits revealing brick :o


Then the one work top taken out....


And the new top in (minus the hole cut for the sink, that came later!), and the other top out.


The black work tops look so much better than the cream.

I've been working on a few more cards today and my G page for the A-Z art journal. I was going to make a start on my H page but I think i'd rather go chill on the couch and watch a bit of tv instead :) It's a real popcorn and movie kind of afternoon :)

haPPy dAy!!


We are due to go to a BBQ today!! If the weather is anything like yesterday, it's going to be awful crowded inside, lol.

edited to add.....OMG it's snowed. (I actually wrote this post last night ;) ) I've been out this morning taking photos and everything looks so beautiful :D Oh and the BBQ is apparently still on :o

This was first thing.



And now it's stopped and brightened up a little.




I bet it won't last very long!

The kids have spent most of today playing zoo tycoon, I really can't wait for the weather to improve so they can get out in the fresh air. Actually I am feeling a little cabin fever now too. The only gardening i managed today was done on my new work top inside the kitchen. I have some pepper plants growing on the window sill and wanted to plant the biggest, strongest plants into bigger pots. I really hope we get a little sunshine on Monday so I can get a few seeds into trays in the greenhouse!

I am also making FANTASTIC progress with my new crochet project. I must take some photos later to show :)

I will leave you with a photo taken back in May 2006, using my macro zoon lens. I love this type of photography!


I hope you are all having a lovely Easter!

haPPy sunDAy!!