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Me again....

on creative world again, lol.

We're starting an new project today......GARDEN TIME!! I am so looking forward to this because I just love to garden :) This summer it's my aim NOT to buy any veg from the shops. I am going to grow it all myself.


Here is my garden journal and seed tin.....close ups and more pics over on creative world!

We're also talking about the space you have, what tools you'll need and what veg you will eat. it's pointless growing it if no one eats it, lol.

haPPy dAy!!

It's Monday again....

why does it come around so quickly??


Another of my last weekend LOs :) I think I must be coming to the end of them shortly!!!

I only managed one LO this weekend. The rest was spent doing laundry, housework, gardening and making stuff for creative world.

By the way, an apology to Anna and Sue who I missed on Saturday at the Stevenage all day crop. I had high hopes of getting there but once I pressed play of greys and got into crafting I just lost track of time :( I did miss you both!

Well as i'm blogging before work, I can't hang around too long!

haPPy dAy!!

blanket 4

is being put together!! I am totally loving the way it's looking and is by far my favourite! I think cause at the end it's mine and not a gift, lol.

Here is a reminder of the colours


And here is another LO done last weekend


.....and she is a right little cutie pie!!

Woo Hoo it's almost the weekend :)

haPPy frIDay!!

things are looking up

my post yesterday reflected the sadness I felt on learning that a good friend of mine had been deported. Now I must confess he was in the country illegaly BUT he was stuck, lol. It's a long story so I can't go into too much detail, but I can say that all is well and he has just been sent out the country to get his paperwork together and then he can come back. I must say it's very lenient of the authorities, but they obviously think he is a good citizen, hard working and a tax payer.

So anyway onto today, which is almost over, *yikes* I nearly missed a days post.

Here is another of my weekends LOs!


Love the expression on that little mans face, lol.

haPPy rest of the dAy!!


Really mad right now about the injustice of kicking good people out the country, when they are trying to make a good life for themselves, have a job and pay taxes.

Then there are the other people who sponge off the government and us that pay our way.

Bastards :(

unhaPPy dAy!!