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January 2008

A little tin

I made this little tin last night for my boss, whos wife gave birth to a baby girl just after Christmas. Today will be the first time he's been up to our office since before Christmas so my first chance to give it to him. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute to make a gift!!


My weight loss for last week was 1.7kgs !! And I did that by making small changes to my eating habits. Cut out sugar and milk, and normal tea and coffee, sticking to redbush tea only. Cut down on carbs, and up'ed my veg and fruit intake, and drank loads of water :) Small changes can make a difference!

Ooh don't forget it's one more sleep till the C prompt for all who registered for the A-Z project!! I had SO much fun with my C page :)

haPPy creATing!!

Journal your Christmas continued.....

I finished and bound my journal on Sunday :)

You can see all the inside pages in the gallery to the right, as they are all the same it seems a waste to have them taking up space on the posts!

But here is what it looks like finished......


and the detail on the inside edges.....


Now you may notice that the cover is slightly different to the one I posted a few weeks back, that's because I chucked the other one away when it didn't fit into the bind it all!! lol, i made the covers long before I had the BIA. I'll be sure not to make that mistake again!

haPPy TueSDay!!

Ahhhhhh nice and tidy!

Here is my room, all tidy, without all the clutter :)

I totally love the new desk shelf even though it is two colours. but I will paint it in the summer. The best thing is all the space I have on my desk now that i'm not using the tote any more either.


My sewing machines are still on the bottom shelf next to me, and the top shelf has been cleared for my photo printer and bind it all.


I cleared all the junk out the bottom basket so it can be used for proper storage. The middle draw has sewing stuff in it.


The shelves on my ikea unit are far less cluttered and I can see easily where stuff is.




Even the top of the unit is less full.I just need to get altering so I can clear that big basket!!


I didn't buy the spice drawers in the end as I just didn't think I wanted even more storage.

I had fun working in my new tidy space yesterday and it was so easy to clean and pack up after each project!

I am a very haPPy girlie :)
haPPy monDAy!!

And it's done!!



I fear I need to leave you in suspense till tomorrow as I have lent my camera to DH to take photos of Callum playing rugby!

I have cleared 3 and a half bin bags of rubbish and I have three bags of stuff for my nieces. The new shelf, although two different colours is AWESOME, and just to impress you all, I did 98% of it on my own. DH only helped me cut the wood (cause the saw thingy is flippin scary!!) and put in a couple of screws that needed some brute force (although I had pre drilled the holes).

I have time now to craft and plenty space to craft in :)

See you tomorrow!!

haPPy creATing!!

Craft room clear out :)

the before.....

this is my desk, sewing machines kept on the bottom left (one is downstairs!) the top shelf is full of 'stuff'.


the shelf that sits on the desk is what I described the other day as being too small. You can see that the little shelves sit right in front of where I work. I plan to extend it, and move the little shelves to the other side.


I love my wicker baskets :) The top on is full of tools, cropodile, stapler, provocraft roller stamps, punches etc. These are in a good place and accessible while working.


My shelves, which seem to be full to bursting!! I plan to take my albums downstairs to the big cupboard in the dining room. The top shelf is mine and there is loads of space up there to keep them.


Way too many magazines and books!! I may sell them! My photos (top right of the pic below) are going to be sorted and the photos that are blurred etc will be thrown out! The rest will return to my big photo RUB box, ready to be sorted into files folders. (Which mum and I bought back in August last year!!)


Last night I continued my paper clear out and have two free shelves already!! (plus the three that have albums on, means I have already made huge progress!)

Oh boy and this is the top of my shelf unit!! This needs to be cleared so I can get the spice drawer unit I mentioned the other day.


So there it is, in it's messy state!! I was due to be finished by tonight so I could craft and scrap tomorrow but it's not going to happen! I will only get the wood to re-build the desk shelf on Saturday. So maybe by Sunday!

Watch this space!!

And other news. I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blooming hell I am so flippin HAPPY!! Such a weight off my mind, as I was nervous about work when this project ends. But now, no worries. I start on the 12th Feb, which means I leave the project a month early but it also means there is money in the pot for my colleagues to have an extra two weeks on the project.

Day 4 of the diet went well, with loads of water being consumed! Although we did go out last night for a little job getting celebration, so dinner was not a success :)

Day 5 I fear may not be great either, as I lost track of the time this morning so have no lunch made and didn't get to have breakfast either!! Oh dear.

haPPy frIDay!!

day 3

went VERY well, and I am loving being back on the food wagon :)

I had yogurt for breakfast, lunch was a tuna salad followed by a clementine, and for supper I had an omlette with onions, mushrooms and ham. And finally an apple for dessert. I didn't have as much water as I should have, but as I was in the assessment, I didn't want to be running off to the loo every two minutes!

Talking of the assessment, it went very well! And even if I am not successful for the job, it was a good experience!

So now onto other business! My craft room......or as it's known this week, the non craft room! I finally made a start on clearing it out last night, and I have to admit I was ruthless! I have one bag of paper and cardstock to give to my nieces and no doubt I will have another when I clear out the second shelf of papers tonight :)

I have before photos which I meant to upload last night, but forgot!

btw mum I am getting rid of all of the 'all my memories' papers, so if you want them shout, and I will save them from the bag!

I need to be done and ready to get stuck into some crafting on the weekend, as I have a list of things to do, and need to get cracking.

Joshie boys blanket is coming along nicely, I am on round 9 : ) Not bad for only two breakfasts of crocheting!

And my blanket is making nice progress this week too. I have done another 6 squares. So only one page of designs to go!! BUT they all have a blue round, so unless I can figure out what colour to use as a substitute, and not have duplicate squares, I may have to get another ball.

I have a hair cut booked for Saturday and it can't come soon enough! My hair has got so long the spikes are collapsing! Not a good look!!

Oh and it's almost the weekend!! Woo Hoo!!

haPPy thuRSday!!

Day 2

of my diet was much better! I had yogurt for breakfast, lunch was a cheese salad with a touch of olive oil and a clementine. For supper we had chicken and veg followed by an apple. I drank about 2 litres of water, and only rooibos (redbush) tea. No milk, no sugar.

This morning my bra feels looser and more comfortable but that may just all be in my mind!

Today I have an assessment morning for the permanent job i've applied for here at work. Please hold thumbs for me!!

haPPy huMp dAy!!

Day 1

of my diet was not great. I hadn't got all my fruit and veg in so I sort of had to wing it. But I did manage to drink loads of water, and stay off the tea and coffee.

So on my way home I stopped in at the shops to buy what I need for the week. It's a bit pants that i'll have to go every week, as I hate stopping on the way home, especially as it's not on the way. I bought, brussels, mange tout, baby corn, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms, apples and clementines :) I forgot the carrots, sprouts, peppers and pumpkin, lol.

So yesterday I missed breakfast, big no no on this diet, but I went into an early meeting that lasted forever!! For lunch I had a spinach, ham and brie tart thing, which was actually very nice, but not really good diet food!! Supper was a pork chop, with brussels, mang tout and baby corn. I had a bowl of plain yogurt for pudding!

Today has got off to a much better start with a bowl of yogurt for breakfast. I have salad with cheese, and a clementine for lunch.

Aaah yes I also had to stand on the scales last night :O goodness holy bananas! Thankfully it wasn't anymore than I expected but I had hoped to have over estimated a little bit. Anyway I have a starting point. Stu will be joining me for healthier dinners and cutting down on his bread in take during the day, which always works really well for him.

Today I also start a new breakfast time project. As i'm having breakfast at home, there is no need for me to be going into the dining room in the mornings. So instead I will sit and do a spot of crochet. I have decided to make a little blanket for Joshies basket, but i'm doing this one slightly different by crocheting a big square to save putting it together at the end. I may even practice some new stitches!

Tonight I start my big scrap room clear out!

haPPy dAy