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December 2007

It's today!!!

Mum is in the country :)


This is the LO I did for last weeks UKS weekly challenge. We had to, use metal (I have stapled the ribbon to the page), use red, white or blue (I have all three), and a moment in time you wish to freeze (I would love to freeze this time in my dads life, and actually go back there to get to know him better. Learn a bit about him, and the stuff he got up to!)

Right i'm off to finish getting mums room ready!!

haPPy creATing

One more sleep!!

Wow am I ever excited!! Mum will be here in less than 12 hours. Well in the country :) My cousin Danni is picking her up from the airport and bringing her up. She is also going to spend the day with us which is so cool cause although she only lives in London, she may as well be back in Africa, cause I never see her :(


This photo was taken in April, when mum was here for the wedding. I hope to get loads more photos this trip.

I had a scrappy day yesterday so i'll upload the LOs I finished during the week.

Off to Luton this morning, YIKES, so glad I have Stus satnav to take me there!!

haPPy creATing

It's almost...

the weekend WOO HOO!! And that means it's almost my week off, which of course means it's almost time for mum to arrive!! 4 sleeps and she will be here! WOO HOO!!


And here we are, mother and daughter, a photo from a very long time ago!! Crikey what is with that wild hair!! My hair is very thick and not easy for a kid to handle. And that dress, my goodness I loved it, haha!!
This LO was done at the scrapbook central crop in Stevenage. I just love these papers and they go so well with the photo, they are from a scraproom kit, from earlier in the year. Mum made the large flower using the crochet pattern by Anita in a summer addition of scrapbook inspiration. And I made the small one using a pattern of the internet. They should be closer together or even over lapping but anyway! And maybe I need a third too ;)

Just a reminder to sign up for the A-Z Project over on It's a Creative World. We have had an enormous influx of emails already which is so exciting!! I've not finished my cover yet, but may work on that over the weekend, I'm feeling a bit more confident with how/what I want to to.

Oh and i'm also thinking about doing Shimelles Journal your Christmas class again this year. Yeah it's already the 7th and i've not even made my journal yet (rolleyes!) but there you go!! I did however order some more Chatterbox gingerbread house papers today (which is what I used for my Christmas planner), to use for the journal if I decide to do it :)

4 more sleeps!! *caz skips off whistling*
haPPy creATing

and it goes on....

the week, that is! It's Tuesday, so only 3 more mornings to drag myself out of bed :) And i'm off next week, woo hoo!! AND this time next week, Di will be in the UK (so excited!!)


This is one of the LOs I did based on the UKS challenge for, I think, week 2 in November. I started out not being too sure about the sketch and then did 3 LOs based on it!! I still have it as I plan to do more. I can't remember whos sketch it it though, sorry!!

A very short post today i'm afraid, as i'm already late leaving for work!

Have a great day y'all
haPPy creATing!!

i don't like mondays!!

mainly because the weekend is just too short!! I could do with another day to hang out and chill.


This is one of my new favourite LOs. I think because I love this photo of my uncle as a wee lad, who apparently thought he was a cowboy!! There are loads of photos of him with his holster and gun, and the cutest bit is he has an elastic band holding it down around his thigh!! My gram did have a way of creating something out of nothing, haha. The LO was done for last weeks UKS weekly challenge. The criteria was, use an album cover for inspiration (I used the very best of nina simone cover as mine), film title (i just didn't need the 's'), use a playing card (this was the only bit I didn't manage until the LO was finished and I saw where it could go!) and use the colours black and red on the LO (well there is black on the palying card, and I used black ink for the stamping, and there is red in the bottom paper).

haPPy dAy to you all!!

Trimming the tree!

It's up and, even if I say so myself, it looks beautiful!!


I think this is my new favourite bauble!! I managed to nab a box of 6 at the last John Lewis staff sale.


And the stockings are up too, ready for filling :) Mum there is a hook next to mine for your stocking too!!


We had a lovely day yesterday, with a visit to the Magic of Christmas barn in Walkern! It is like stepping into Santas Grotto and I could have bought hundreds of new decorations but as Rebecca keeps reminding me, I have enough already, lol. So I like a full tree!! haha.

It was 5 weeks yesterday till the launch of the IACW A-Z journal 2008 project and I can't wait till it starts! I am in the process of decorating my journal cover, or should I say re-decorating the cover as I was not happy with the original design. Oh well, it's all part of the learning process.

Oh and don't forget to pick up your i'm a creative girl button which has been made by the lovely Andrea!!

Have a lovely Sunday
haPPy creATing!!

Woo Hoo...

look at me in my shiny new home!!

Firstly I must say a massive thanks to my dear mad mother who did the migration of all my old blogger posts over to typepad for me, and helped get all the buttons and bits set up. MWAH!!

Secondly I must say a huge thanks to the lovely Andrea for creating my lovely new festive banner! MWAH! And credit for the elements goes to Studio Baers Garten - Last Christmas digital kit.

Thirdly I must say another enormous thanks to my dear mad mother for her hard work moving It's a Creative World over to it's shiny new typepad home yesterday. She started at 4am (SA time which is 2am here!!) and finished at 4pm!! It was a hard job but so worth it as we have all our archives and old posts!!

Right now back to business!!

I have been a busy bee scrapping this month, and have challenged myself to get those lovely old but questionable photos scrapped. Here are two. The first is actually a great photo, except for the unbelievable mix of colours and patterns. This of course makes choosing paper a tough job. In the end I just picked a set of papers from my scrap-room kit and hoped for the best, lol. And I really like it!


The second is a photo of my gram that I LOVE!! But of course it is old and yellowing. It was also tough to find the right papers as she has on a black dress with what looks like stripes of water bubbles on. But instead of trying to find papers to match the dress, I looked for a pattern that she would have loved and used that instead.


I have not been a very good blogger though!! And Lyzzy and Sue told me off when we met up at the Scrapbook Central crop on the 23rd. It was so lovely to see them :) (even though they told me off ;) )

I then had the pleasure of having lunch with Sue on Wednesday, yes we don't see each other for months, then twice in one week! It was good to have a natter and get out of the office over a lunch time.

Aah speaking of work, I am loving my new job, it's just such a shame that it's a contract and will be up mid March :( BUT I am doing whatever I can to find a permanent position in the company so I can stay!! It also helps that I work with a great bunch of people and the guys in my team are lovely. And loads of fun!!

As it's the 1st today it's the day the Christmas tree goes up and we decorate the house :) I am so excited as I truely love this season. The older I get the more sentimental I become about what Christmas is really all about. I love the excitment for the children, but this year it's the true meaning that I wish to capture!

It feels really good to be blogging again, maybe this month i'll make it a more regular thing!!

haPPy creATing!!