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Awareness is key!!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it's something that we, as woman, need to take very seriously!
The girls from It's a Creative World have decided that we are going to do our bit to raise money for Breakthough Breast Cancer through our JUST GIVING page and we are challenging scrappers to SCRAP YOUR BOOBIES for a good cause!!
We want to make you think about this one... through art. And then we want you to give.... And then think some more.
This is something that touches most of us, if not all of us, at some point in our lives. As woman we are responsible for our families but we also have to look after ourselves. And we need to be aware of the fact that it can happen to us, but it's treatable and it's something we can BEAT!

Please visit It's a Creative World for more details (including details of some great prizes to be won during the month) and to see the fab work created by the team :)haPPy creATing!! Caz xx

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It's nearly October :O

Week 4 UKS team challenge :)
I've had a good scrapping month, finishing off 17 LOs :) I wonder if I will ever manage to scrap all the photos I have??
If you've not been over to visit It's a Creative World today, don't delay and get on over! Leave us a comment this weekend and stand a chance to WIN some lovely Bella stamps!!
The team have some awesome inspiration coming to you in October.
We start the crafty countdown to Christmas with some lovely decorating projects!
It's also Breast Cancer awareness month, and we have some fab give aways and a challenge that is one all woman should be proud to take part in!
Be sure to come visit tomorrow when it all kicks off!! :)
haPPy creATing y'all!!

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so tired!! suspend, be suspended or dangle. Show us 'hang' in your space today.
My bunnies, made by the talented Andrea, which hang on my bedroom wall above the unused fire place :) So such a great photo as I had to use the flash and it's made the wall very bright!
But I don't have time to hang about and get it right cause i'm off to work!! :) Yesterday was great but mind boggling, so much to take in all at once and there's a load more coming today! YIKES!! On the plus side, the partners dining room is very very nice!! lol.
Ciao for now
haPPy creATing


Wouldn't it be nice........

if for just one day; all citizens of planet earth lived within the letter of the law; every man, woman and child had plenty to eat and drink; each person was treated with the respect we are all entitled to. There were no wars, famine or poverty. And all the annoying things we see in people didn't matter to us, for just one day!
It has recently been brought to my attention that life is not rosy :( now that makes me awful sad. I tend to believe that we all made the effort to just be nice, we'd live in a happier world.
Just my thought for the day :)
No HS:MS photo yet.
I am off to my new job today, so no more loafing around at home for me, lol.
If you've not yet been over to IACW today you must go see the great project Di has up today. I am hoping to give this a go some time this week, as I would so love to be able to draw, and according to the post, I CAN, how cool is that :)
Right y'all have a great Monday and
haPPy creATing!!
xx produce in large quantities produce in large quantities by mechanical process. Find 'print' in your space today.
Some of my favourite books, of which a few have been read more than once :)
Alas no kiss photo but I did have a kiss in my space on Wednesday ;)
Curious...........eager to know or learn. Find 'curious' in your space today.
A few books that have tought me something! instrument for picking up small objects. Find 'tweezers' in your space today.

A few LOs to share, these have all been done this week, which explains the lack of blogging, lol.
UKS week 2 challenge for September.
purple and yellow paper
doodled stitches around flower
star eyelet and stripes paper

A welcome LO for baby Ethan, except my printer chopped off the top of his head :( but I still love the LO and no doubt I will do loads more of him so it doesn't matter, lol.

LHS of a will be double LO all about Stuart and Michaels 'boys road trip' to the TT on the Isle of Man in May this year. They took loads of great photos which I will print small and do a collage style 2nd page.

And a couple of wedding LOs. Again very simple :)

And it's back to work for me on Monday, really looking forward to it, but also a little nervous! I will miss my days at home, but I won't miss having no money!
Tonight is the England v SA world cup rugby game and I am so looking forward to it, just hope it's an exciting game and the ref lets it move. (some of the refs are really bad at blowing the whistle and not playing advantage!)
We have loads of very exciting things planned over at it's a creative world in October so be sure to visit us. There is a tonne of inspiration and loads of prizes to be snapped up :)
We are also working on some great new projects and regular features starting in December, add us to your favourites so you don't miss out!
Ciao and
haPPy creATing!!
PS, today is my dads birthday, he would have been 60 today. I miss and love you so much dad!

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catching up :)

Cake.........a soft, sweet food. Find 'cake' in your space today.
My Emma Bridgewater cake stand with the left overs from yesterdays baking :)
{My imaging software is not working today, hence no titles on my photos} converse or communicate. Show us 'talk' in your space today.
An oldie for Fridays picture, this was taken in March in year as DH got some rotorvating instructions from our neighbour Ron.
Aaawwwww isn't he a cutie *heart*, baby Ethan.

And I can finally show off my completed crochet blanket :) I am really so pleased with it and feel proud to have completed such a BIG project. For more pictures and an update pop on over to IACW :)

Only 219 squares to go for the second blanket, lol.

Well we certainly had a busy weekend.
Friday, I was very rushed as I finished getting beds ready for all our house guests. I also had an afternoon shopping date with my friend Sue, it was so lovely to see her as it seems like ages since we had a catch up. We bought a few things in HC and it's good to have someone to share a pack of something with ;)
I collected Robyn and Conrad from Stevenage station around 5 and then drove to Hitchin station to get Callum and Rebecca. Then it was home to get everyone settled and finish off preparing for our BBQ and dinner guests.
We had a lovely evening and even managed to get the boys to light us a massive 'gesels vuur' {directly translated means 'talking fire'} to keep warm.
Saturday started very early getting everyone up and ready for our day in London :) The weather could have been better for us and taking photos! But at least it was dry, and we spent most of the day on the top deck of a BIG BUS COMPANY bus taking in the sights of London. We did however get off to go on the LONDON EYE and changed at the TOWER OF LONDON for a river cruise. It was a good day :)
And yesterday was HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBECCA!! Again it started way to early with a birthday call from SA.
We had crumpets for breakfast {YUMMY} then Rebecca and I went to church and stayed to have tea and biscuits afterwards. I baked brownies and carrot cake when we got home and then we just had a chilled afternoon, with John, Brendalene and the girls, and Ron and Poppy coming around for tea.
Of course there is loads of rugby on at the moment to keep the boys glued to the TV!
Robyn and Conrad came back from London, as they had spent Saturday night in a hotel in Bayswater, and we had pizza for dinner, before falling into bed.
This morning we drove Robyn and Conrad to the airport and, yet again, the day started very early, 4am to be precise!!
Well this is it, the last week of my very long holiday! I have so many projects to get done before I start work that i really must get on :)
have a great day and...
haPPy creATing!!

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Todays shopping trip

Feast........a large meal or a plentiful supply, show us 'feast' in your space today.
This morning I went on a little shopping trip down to Welwyn Garden City :) I needed to go to John Lewis for a few things and had a good browse around the shops. I did buy a few things but these are all going to be used for projects coming up on It's a Creative World, so I can't share just yet ;)
Tomorrow I am going to HC and Dunelm with my friend Sue, can't wait as going anywhere with Stuart is a mission as he hates shopping, lol.
We have the kids and house guests this weekend, and friends around tomorrow night so it's going to be a very busy one again.
It's Rebeccas birthday on Sunday and she's asked for a DAY OUT in LONDON as her gift, so we'll be doing the touristy thing with her on Saturday. It's good timing as our house guests also want to go site seeing so we're taking them too :)
I was up early this morning trying to get into a work routine once again, this is really going to be a shock to my system!! So all of next week will be early starts too.
I am enjoying my last few days at home, but also very excited to get back into the work place and earn some stash money!
But right now i need to make a start on dinner.

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I hold today the first tomato picked that has been grown by my own hand :)
Another LO to share, this I did yesterday, using a photo of Nina taken in March. She looked at me alot like this when she was here, I don't think she appreciated the camera in her face every 5 seconds, lol.
This morning has been very busy, doing loads of household paperwork and letter writing. Nothing crafty i'm afraid :( Maybe later this afternoon ;)
Be sure to check it's a creative world on Monday as it's blanket update day and I have loads to share!!

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Thoughtful........absorbed in or involving thought.

Thoughtful........absorbed in or involving thought. Show us 'thoughtful' in your space today.
She is not in my space today but this is a photo taken of my sister back in March when she came over for our wedding.
Two LOs to share today, both are UKS weekly challenges, the first is a photo of my niece Jessica, looking like the angel she is most of the time ;)
the second is a photo, taken last Saturday, of my friends new baby, Dillan, with her granny *heart* I am off having a scrappy afternoon :) haPPy creATing Caz xx

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Much excitement :) move downwards rapidly. Show us 'fall' in your space today.
This tree fell down in the big winds we had last winter. We have, over the past 6 months, chopped bits off for firewood, but I think the land is going to claim this last piece.
Introducing another new baby in my {extended} family, this is Dillan who we met on Saturday :) She is coming up for 4 weeks, and such a cutie! Here she is with her grandma *heart*
Today we are very proud to welcome a new member of the creative world team........the lovely and super flippin' fantastically tallented Joanne!!!!! I am so excited to get the opportunity to work with Joanne, as I have admired her, not only as a scrapper but also as a innovative creator, for a long time :)
Yesterday we had a real, stay at home and do nothing day, lol, although I did manage a little bit of scrapping and altering. I got finished just in time with the UKS weekly challenge (week 5), and if I finish this weeks challenge today I will scan and upload them both this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
I am making the most of my last two weeks at home, before work starts on the 17th Sept :) so will be scrapping up a storm. And I have some creative world projects on the go too ;)
Have a fab monDAy!!

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