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August 2007 bite and grind with bite and grind with the teeth. Find 'chew' in your space today.
I have had such a good day today! Stu had the day off, as he needed to go get a blood test this morning, and we have been out and about :)
Straight after the docs, we went for breakfast, I had scrambled egg on toast which is my favourite, then we walked around Hitchin market, which is so fab on a Friday as it has loads of old and antique stuff. We collect old carpentry tools and found a few bits to add to our collection.
I also saw a really cool veg collecting basket, but at £6 I thought it was a bit too much, although once I get my first salary cheque I may just go back and buy it!!
After Hitchin we stopped off at Letchworth to go to the craft store as I am all out of chalk ink, and well it was a waste of time, and the ladies there weren't exactly very helpful when I asked if and when they were getting more in :(
And then we went sofa shopping, this is an absolute nightmare, cause I don't like loads of lounge furniture but we need enough seats for all the bums. Anyway we saw 2 that we like so we're having a little think.
While we were wandering around the Roaring Meg centre in Stevenage we happened across their newest store which just happens to be a HOBBYCRAFT!! Now I know it's not a 'real' scrapping store but I was so excited as I actually did manage to buy my chalk ink after all :D And they have loads of cricut cartridges, and MM stuff, which I LOVE!! and lots of the creative imaginations bare elements which again I really love. So I know where I will be going often, and it's about 5 minutes from my new office :)
Mom you will need to have a little save for stash shopping when you're here in December ;)
Tonight I am finishing off a baby jacket I made (and mom helped finish off!), so I can take it to my friends on Sunday when I get to meet their baby girl, Dillan. I can't wait :)
It's a creative world news....
Yesterday I worked on my Special Project for Saturday the 8th and I had SO much fun, I can't wait to show it ;)
Anyway supper is done so i must run.............mwhahahahahahah


Dish......a shallow bowl or radio

Dish......a shallow bowl or radio antenna. Find 'dish' in your space.
I love my toast & marmalade dishes so any chance to photograph them is welcomed :)
Last night we had a lovely dinner down at the pub, I do like going out to eat, it's so much tidier, lol. We had a nice relaxed, no TV evening and read our books instead. I do miss my reading on the train, but thankfull now that I don't have to commute to London any more :)
We have a busy weekend lined up as we need to get all the veg out the ground before it starts to rot. Although there are some onions that can stay in a bit longer, and of course my tomatoes which are coming on beautifully! The plants are so full and some have started to turn red, which is very exciting!! :)
Today I plan to do some scrapping and prep for a few projects I have coming up on it's a creative world!
Ciao for now


the {cloud} is lifting!

Cloud....... a mass of water vapour. Show us 'cloud' in your space today.
Thanks to all your good luck messages yesterday I was successfull in getting the job I interviewed for!!! So very happy as it's been a long search. But I now have a start date, so things can only get better from here :)
I think we're off to the pub tonight for a little celebration dinner, woo hoo.


An apple a day.....

A red or green fruit from a tree. Show us 'apple' in your space today.
An easy pic for me today, as I just had to walk down the garden to take this photo :)
mmmm somehow I managed to get myself totally confused and in the editing process I resized, added a title and uploaded a photo from days ago! lol, anyway here is the actual photograph I took this morning :)
I have a busy week lined up with agency appointments and job interviews, which may not leave much time for scrapping!
I also have a major house clean to do, there seems to be lots of bits lying around that need to be returned to their proper home :) Including a few knitting and crochet projects! Oh the joys of being a housewife ;) Bye y'all and have a good day! Caz xx


Sun{shine} and happiness

An object that gives light and warmth. Find 'sun' in your space today.
Luckily the sun eventually showed itself today :)
We are having a relaxing day with dvds and popcorn! Yesterday we washed the bike, went to friends for a bbq and last night we went to the movies to see Harry Potter, Saturday we mowed the lawn, caught up with the washing, fixed the land rover and had a bbq just the two of us. It's been a great weekend :)
oh haPPy dAy!!


Hey, hey it's Friday!!

and I have 3 glorious days to spend with my husband!
Stone.....a hard solid mineral. Show us 'stone' in your space today.
And LOs I have done in August, most in the last three days :)
This first one is a photo of my Gram, she was seriously a cute little girl! I did it for the weekly challenge on UKS a few weeks back, but then realised it was the week befores challenge so can't claim the bonus points but I can still claim LO points :)
This LO is for this weeks challenge, connection to Winnie the Pooh (used the quote "If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus one day, so I never have to live without you" stamped around the edge of the page) 10pts, something honey coloured (the paper is kinda honey coloured) 5 pts, Something with a B (buttons) 5 pts and use scraps (the bit's of paper have been left over from another LO) 10pts.

Another LO of my beautiful DH :) I was just messing around with the camera and I took this close up of his eye, I thought it was cool so decided to scrap it :)

My sweet niece practising her spoon bending skills, thankfully not on my cutlery!

And a few wedding LOs :) Very simple, but I need to get the photos printed and in an album.
There is still a bit of journalling to do, but i'm not quite in that zone right now, so this will have to wait.
Tonight we are off to our local pub, which is about 27 seconds from our house, with some friends for dinner and a relaxed night out. I can't wait as I feel very house bound without a car and not going out to work. And of course as much as I love Josh, he just isn't great company when he decides to sleep ALL day, lol.
Right I best be going to start getting ready :)
haPPy friDAy dudes
PS mom I have been very busy with the blanket!!

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Furniture at last

White.......the palest colour and sign of purity. Find 'white' in your space today.
And finally our dining room furniture! It's made from yellowwood and emboya (hope that's spelt correctly!) 6 chairs fit around the table but as we usually only have the two of us and every second weekend the kids we put the other two chairs on the other end of the room by the wooden kist. Which incidently belonged to a carpenter and was found in very bad condition and restored to it's former glory by Stus dad many many years ago :) I am still placing the ornaments so this is not how the room looks today, lol, as last night i moved them all around again! My zebras on the very bottom of the dresser are totally hidden so they need a new home too, i'm just not sure where yet. The extension cable for the fridge is also too short to also plug the microwave in which is why in the bottom photo the wire is hanging over the tea trolley. Stuart and I sat at the table last night for dinner and didn't get up till bed time. That room is just amazing and I totally love that space! We are planning a dinner party to show it off :)
Today I have an appointment at a job agency in Hitchin so hold thumbs they have something for me, I also may have an interview next Tuesday for a job in Stevenage, which is just a hop over the A1 from us so very quick and easy to get to work :) I also may have a nero coffee while i'm there and a browse in my new favourite shop, which is just so pretty!!
Woo Hoo it's nearly the weekend!
Bye y'all

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A person you know particularly well. Show us 'friend' in your space today.
Some oldies today :) my mum, and a photo taken with the camera timer of Stu and I with our very good friends Mark and Cath, who left to return to NZ in July this year :(
So today I am home alone :( Mum is on msn though so at least I still have her as company. I'm also trying to get my webcam installed so we can see each other, lol.
I WILL get some scrapping done today too, i'm determined! Also have some paperwork to do and filing and shredding. Oh the joys of being a housewife :D Speaking of which I need to get on with some job searching too!
I best get on. Have a great day y'all.


Wet......covered or saturated with water.

Wet......covered or saturated with water. Find 'wet' in your space today.
Today I could have taken a thousand wet photos but here are just two wet 'things'
Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my sunflower photo yesterday. I think it grew that big, which btw is more like 13 foot as apposed to 7 as I thought!, by pure luck. It's the only one to have grown that tall, the others are really tiny but they all have those beautiful big flowers. Next year we are having a share of another allotment so I plan to grow a line of them, in hope they will all be giants :)
It's a sad day today as mum flies home tonight and as my landie is broken I have to take her on the train, what a shlep for us both, but at least it gives us a few more hours :) It's been one of our best holidays together, so relaxed and we've had a good laugh over this blooming blanket :D No grumps, except from Stu (mom doesn't think he likes sharing me much!), so all in all a great 2 and a bit week!
Thanks mum!
I took loads of dining room furniture pics but still need to resize them so will probably upload tomorrow. Oh and Debs another thing our DHs have in common is their heritage, both have Scots and South African roots. WIERD!
Have a great Tuesday!
PS if you have artistic kids please be sure to get them to enter the kids art competition on It's a Creative World! Lets get our kids creating!!