and life, at last, returns

And now for something

completely different!

Thanks to the great instructions posted on Cathy Zs blog I made these cute little Easter bags for all the girls this year. They were well received and apparently Jessica has a problem putting hers down, lol, which is just too cute! If you haven't tried felting yet, you must! So much fun! For these bags I used Rowan little big wool and Cathys pattern, then popped them in a hot wash for 2 hours, shaped them and either put them on top of the radiator or on the line to dry. And VIOLA! :D

Not done much scrapping lately :( just can't get my space organised so have no mojo and in the warm weather I would rather be in the garden tending my flowers than in doors. mmmm although I do have a project deadline so I best get to it!

And other news.......our redundancy now looks to be happening at long last, we are so relieved that we've got an answer and can now start planning for the future. The take over will happen mid to late May so we should get our notice soon after that and hopefully be out of here mid to late June, after working our notice, which is a bit poop but hey. I have been looking at jobs closer to home and there seems to be loads so that's good news. Now I just need to adjust my cv acording to what type of work I want to do, and I think I need to do something a little different for a change, maybe even some study and really branch out!

Our veggie patch is taking shape and we have loads growing and this coming weekend I will sew some more seeds so we have a rotation of produce with things like radish, carrots and lettuce. Last year Stu did really well with potatoes and onions, so we had all season. I have also volunteered to open my garden for Open Gardens in July so I am furiously growing and planting flowers and trying to tidy up the flower beds and work out what are weeds and what aren't! lol, not an easy task I tell you. It's a challenge and will make a good LO so i'm looking forward to it!

Right well, later dudes hope you all have a good day!