And now for something
Woo Hoo it's the weekend!!


I have got to be the most disorganised person I know! I seem to loose things 5 minutes after putting it down and can't seem to get my life in any sort of order. I have bills and statements on every available surface in my home, my scrap area is a tip (AGAIN) hence no inspiration and I really need to get some projects done! Last night I wasted so much time looking for my South African passport that I knew couldn't be far.....and I desperatly need as I am getting my paperwork together to apply for British citizenship.....only to find it in my radly bag that I was using when we went to the registry office in mid March. Now why the hell didn't I put it back in the passport folder where these things should be kept, ALWAYS!!!!

Anyway.........last week I managed to clear a garbage bag of clutter from my bedroom cupboard so I will continue with that and hopefully make some headway and I need to buy a shredder to get rid of all the old bills and statements and continue to shred them monthly, keeping just a few months worth.

I want to plan my time better so I can fit all the things I want and need to do into an evening, sometimes all I get done is washing, shower and dinner, when I really wanted to also spend time in the garden, do a little bit of crafting and maybe watch some TV....the time just seems to fly.

So rant and moan over, here are a few pics I took when I had all the family over for the wedding........Chloe, Nina, mom, Danni and aunty Lin....some of the beautiful woman in my life! (don't forget to click on the pics for a bigger view!)