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goodness me life is a

goodness me life is a little hectic right now so apologies for my lack of updates!!
So 5 more sleeps!! I can't believe it is here at last..........the big day is almost upon us, and I am so excited. I have however had a rollercoaster of emotions as I miss my dad desperatly and feel so sad that he won't be with me on Saturday. Any of course my Gram who didn't even know we where going to get married when she died, she would have been so proud and I of course would have loved her to be here too!
The girls and mom arrive tomorrow so we will have a manic shopping session getting their outfits finalised, buying shoes and accessories and of course non stop chat!! I haven't seen them in 2 years, so I am super excited!! Although I have a very early start tomorrow driving down to Heathrow to get them. Callum is also having his hair done tomorrow, he is desperately in need of his roots bleached, it's grown so much and he has black roots! lol, he's such a surfer boy!
It is the most glorious day today, so sunny and warm and it is expected to be like this tomorrow too. I can't believe it was snowing this time last week! Loads of washing has been done and it's all on the line drying, woo hoo for the sunshine, lol :D
So a photo I took two weekends ago, when it was all lovely and sunny! Love the macro setting on my camera!!
Right I hear loads of voices down stairs so I best go supervise and make sure everyone has all they need!
Later dudes!

I absolutely love this photo

I absolutely love this photo of my aunt! She looks so elegant and stylish, something that she has not lost all these years. The piece of lace, papers and die cut embellishments, which are Fancy Pants - Mulberry road, I bought from Joanne at Box Room Booty. Title is cut on my cricut.

Wedding plans are on the move again, thank goodness, we had some complications which thankfully we have either sorted out or are ignoring completely, lol! I droped everything off at the florist last night and confirmed sizes etc of the bridesmaids/flower girl bouquets.

I need to go look for material at the weekend to sew up overlays for the tables, that I will probably donate to the hall afterwards. I've also ordered one or two extra bits for decoration from Forever French Interiors, which is my new favourite shop!

And now it's time to pack up and go home, it may even still be light when I get there, woo hoo, bring on the SUMMER!!

Later dudes!

Boo Hoo and more LOs

boo hoo, cause i didn't make it to the next round of MM Idol! But in a popularity contest this is unfortunalty what happens :( We, as the top 50, have discussed this at length and I don't think it has put any of us off submitting for these types of competitions in the future. It is not a reflection of our scrapping, after all we where chosen by the MM design team in the first place. BUT I must send my congratulations to the wonderful Suzanne who is through and I do hope that all the UK Scrappers will support her from here as we need to see the British talent on top!

The LO on the right is a bit tongue in cheek but one that I have been longing to create, using photos that were taken back in 1992 at the end of my final year at school. Myself and two friends went to Cape Town to stay with my mom, all we wanted to do was tan and chill after a pretty stressful year. We had such a good time, and one day we decided to get dressed up and take photos! What a laugh it was but I do wish we had thought more about the composition of the photos and of course had a digital camera!

The LO on the left is also one I have been longing to do! It's a photo of my dad, the very first one I have scrapped and it is my absolute favourite photograph of him! Last Sunday (the 4th) it was 12 years since he passed away so I thought it about time that I celebrate him rather than mourn him. And of course as a scrapper, the best way to do that was by doing a LO and having him in my album. It's a plain LO, I didn't want to take too much away from the photo which is quite busy.

Happy hump day everyone! later dudes!

I am finally getting around

I am finally getting around to scanning and uploading the LOs I have done in the last few weeks......these photos were taken last month when we had snow. The best snow I have seen since arriving in the UK so I was pretty excited! I used Chatterbox Igloo papers which are so YUMMY! The SNOW on the house LO has scanned very bright (yikes), but it does match IRL! haha.
It's also the first time I have 'clustered' my embellishments, which was so alien, but I do like the effect. Obviously I need to practice that a bit more though.
It's 25 days to the wedding and there is just so much going wrong at the moment that it's making me mad (thankfully not with the decor, flowers, catering or outfits!), although I am super excited for the actual day. Hey so long as we have food and lots of drink who cares about the rest! I can't wait for my sister to get here, I will be shoving my camera in their faces to get lots of scrapping pics, so no doubt they'll be sick of me within a few days, lol.
Rebecca should be here the weekend before the wedding so we'll have to get her dress at the same time as Nina and Chloe which is not ideal as I had hoped she would be sorted already. But at least the two littlest are done and moms outfit arrived is GORGEOUS! Mom you are going to love it! Stus kilt arrived last week too, did I post about it??, and it is lovely. The tartan is fab and it is so well made! I just have to unpick the tacking that is holding the pleats together and order him all the bits that go with it.
I hve an appointment with the florist tomorrow to drop of the jugs and let her see pics of the outfits I like for the girls, although they aren't confirmed, I do have ideas ;)
Ooh and I also need to take my engagement ring in to be polished next week....I will miss not having it on but I want it to be nice and shiny for the day!
Right y'all I hope you have a fabtabulous day! Keep smiling and sending me all those positive vibes, I think they are starting to work!
later dudes!

Positive vibes

I wonder if everyone can spare some positive vibes for me this week please. I am going from one nightmare to the other with this wedding and it seems everything I try to do goes wrong, leaving me in a right pickle! I won't elaborate cause this post will turn into a saga, but I know when it finally rights itself I will laugh :D
From 4pm today (UK time) the voting for MM idol will start up again finishing at 1am Wednesday morning. Thanks to all who voted first time round! But if I could ask you to go and cast your votes again please :) You shold be able to use the original log in details you created over at the MM Idol blog. For anyone who didn't vote or know about the competition you can catch up on all the goss in the last few posts!
My delivery of the new scenic route papers arrived on Saturday and of course I had to use it straight away! Really fab papers to work with so if you've been tempted but not sure, don't delay, pop over to papermaze and get ordering! So back to the LO, this is me in, I think, 1977 (mom can you confirm??) in my very fetching bikini! And don't you just love that bowl hair cut!! lol.
Yesterday we watched 'walk the line' which was fantastic, I really like the actor Joaquin Phoenix is turning into, and 'Nanny McFee' which is just such fun, I adore Emma Thomson and well Colin Firth is a dream boat of a man! Other than that it was a very quiet weekend.
Right i'm getting myself ready to go home, have a good evening y'all and don't forget to vote!

Yikes, poorly kitty, birthday kitty and mm idol

Oh my goodness, today is the 1st of march which means I am getting married THIS month, woo hoo!!!! Starting to get a little nervous that it will all not work out on the day, but also very excited! I have a few appointments lined up for the next 4 weeks and have a few things to pay off too ;)
My little Flo-Flo had a visit to the vet last night as she had an oozing sore on her front left paw, it turns out she's been bitten by something and it has got infected. We are unsure of what it is as the puncture wounds are very close together but my suspicion is a spider :o Poor thing had to have an injection and has anti biotics to take twice a day :( The LO on the left is an oldie but one of my best photos of her!
And my baby kitty Josh is two today....haPPy birTHday Joshie boy, lol. He has been showered with squishy hugs and kisses this morning and had a little bowl of tuna as a treat :D
Thanks to everyone who has voted for me in the MM Idol comp...........but MM have had countless issues with their voting system and it seems one of the girls LO went under another girls name so she has no votes and the other girl has two lots :D So it has been decided that all the votes will be deleted and we'll start round 1 again on Monday the 5th. If you didn't get around to voting this week, please pop over to the MM Idol Blog to register and be ready at 4pm GMT on the 5th to cast your vote!