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voting was slightly delayed due

voting was slightly delayed due to technical problems but it's open now! I know a few people have had issues registering as the site is a bit complicating, lol.

So click on the link in the previous post to the mm idol blog. Then on the left you will see VOTE NOW! click on it. You will be taken to a screen that shows the entries on the left and sign in boxes on the right. Click submit leaving the boxes blank. On the left should now be a registration form where you can set a username and password, once complete you will be able to vote.

I feel like i am harping on about this mm thing, but it's just so exciting and I doubt i'll get any further so i'm getting it all in while I can :D

Right I must go make some wedding phone calls..........have a good day y'all!

well today is the day

well today is the day that voting goes live for mm idol. I am terribly excited to be in this stage of the competition and can't wait to see the work and interpretation of the theme that everyone has come up with. If you want to register and be part of the voting pop onto the site for details.

So I have had a few days of wedding drama, but thankfully now things are sorted and we are back on track *phew* lol. This has also resulted in a few changes to the actual day but nothing major and actually they will make the day better so that is good news. This week I have some loose ends to tie up with regards the flowers, must go in and take the jugs and also show them the direction I am going in with the bridesmaids dresses. Although having chatted to the girls, I think I know which ones we're getting.

I have chatted to the caterer re:changes that have had to be made and she is fine with it all and will use the Friday to drop off equipment and also bring the banquetting roll that i am using for the tables, must try find overlays or fabric to make some, maybe a trip to John Lewis is in order.

And on the scrapping front not much going on at the moment although I have plugged my scanner back in so must do a catch up scanning DT stuff and LOs in general that I have done.

And now I think I must get a little work done ;) later dudes!

forum etiquette

so do you think about what you have written before hitting the submit button??? Some people I fear do not and think it's okay to ridicule a TYPE, as some people put it, or style of LO! How rude to think that your work or how you choose to do a LO is better than others. Sometimes you need to take a look in your own gallery before dissing others! Oh and when a mod says drop maybe that's what she means ;) Thankfully I'm not the sensitive type and am walking away!
Anyway that's all I have to say on it's Friday and weekend time Woo Hoo. I have been home ill since Wednesday and I was off Tuesday too with Callum who had a viral infection....yes he shared...bless him! So did I spend my home time having a sneaky uh, I was too ill to scrap :o can you believe that!! mmmm you probably don't but tis true, promise!
So what does the weekend hold for me, well I need to post a cj to Angela and parcel off to my mum tomorrow. Wedding stuff.........I need to look at fabric in JL to make overlays for the tables and make an appointment with the florist to confirm the bridesmaids/flowergirls bouquets which will be hard considering they don't have their outfits yet! Not sure what to do about that really, maybe I need to make a decision and just buy them, although I really wanted them to choose as they are all different....mmmmm maybe I must call them and have a chat.
Oh and last weekend I paid the deposit on both the flowers and the car!! Which is so much cuter in real life that the pic on the web!!
And I leave you with an oldie LO using nothing but BG tags (what on earth else are you supposed to do with these suckers!), and one of my fav pics of Stu working on his heli!
TTFN dudes, have a great Friday!


50 sleep till the big day, and I feel like I am forgetting something really important, lol! But i'm not, IYKWIM :D

So we went to meet the organist at church last Sunday and also heard the first calling of the Banns, I had the most awful feeling someone was going to jump up at the back of the church and object, I guess these are all nervous symptoms.......We're off this weekend to look at a car to take us girls to the church and Stu and I to the reception, it's a 1938 Austin Windsor and very cute!

I had a delivery of confetti last week. Have ordered 50 cones and enough petals for them and 2 baskets for them to stand in. We're going to ask Rebecca and Sarah to hand them out at the end, but I have to find a job for Jessica so she doesn't feel left out! It's very difficult, lol.

My caterer also called to confirm she had received my letter with the final menu confirmation and all was going to plan! Which is FAB!!

The quote for the flowers has arrived and it is better than I originally thought so that is also a bonus. I now just need to pop in to pay the deposit to confirm the booking.

I was hoping for a call from the jeweller today to say the rings where ready but nothing yet :( , but I guess it's only 2 weeks on Monday so i'm being a bit eagar!

I now just need to find some ushers...........

Oh it's all fun!

Right me lovelies I have got to go do a little bit of work today before I slope off home for the weekend, I have loads of yummy photos from the snow yesterday to upload but as they are on my laptop I can't do it now, lol.

Later dudes!