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December 2006


4 sleeps till Christmas and this year it is going to be a very quiet one at our house, just Stu and I, for the first time in our relationship we will be spending the day alone! We are still going to cook a proper Christmas dinner, but doing a chicken and perhaps a ham too, with parsnips, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts, yorkshire puds and gravy! Yum Yum!! We'll be stocking up on coal and mulled wine and enjoying a day spent watching TV and relaxing. I can't wait!!

And another countdown......100 sleeps till the wedding! Yikes, where has the time gone?? lol! We have some decisions to make about the order of service and the final menu in January and I am hoping to get to the florist tomorrow to confirm exactly what flowers we want at the reception. I need to speak to the ladies in the church about flowers too....oh golly so much to do.

Work finishes at 4 today and i am away till next Wednesday. Looking forward to the break as this month has been pretty hectic. Both at work and getting all the wedding invites done and sent! I have a hair cut booked tomorrow and afterwards I am meeting Sue and Lyzzy for hot chocolate and cake!! Can't wait to have a good gossip and chat!

Right now I have to get back to my knitting or else i'll never finish in time for Christmas! have a good day y'all!

Oh boy, where has the

Oh boy, where has the week gone??

Thank goodness the madness of the last two weeks is over and life can get back to normal. I felt physically and emotion beat this last weekend, and am only now feeling like i'm getting the feeling back in my legs.

We have a company holiday on Friday so i'll enjoy a lovely long weekend! So I will use the day to do last minute things for me, like getting my hair cut and buying a winter coat. Thankfully my Christmas shopping is already done and wrapped sitting under the tree!!

We woke up this morning to temperatures of -3 degrees and lots of thick frost, we had a nightmare getting the ice of the windscreen of Stus car and as we were driving down the A1 it cracked from a tiny chip!! I was very worried it was going to explode in my face and I hope he manages to get it fixed sometime today.

Tonight is works Christmas party and we are going for a meal and drinks, well the drinking will continue late into the night without me, lol. Stu is collecting me from the station so I can at least have a few glasses of wine ;)

Right, and now I think I need a cup of tea!! Have a good day y'all

Nearly there.....

today thankfully was not as hectic as it has been so i actually managed to have some down time and get around to a little web surfing, not that I found anything exciting, lol!!

My whinge for today is why the heck can't people say a simple thank you?? it beggars belief really.

Which reminds me....Anam I STILL have two rolls of DST sitting on my desk for you! Please email me and let me know what addy to send them to and I promise to get it done asap, oh and i'll pop a few bars of galaxy in there for you too!

How passionate are you about blossoms?? Well if you are anything like me you love them! so get yourself over to Scrapfairies and feast your eyes on the gorgeous fairy flowers! They are selling like hot cakes so be quick!

Did I mention I am doing Shimelles Christmas journal?? Well I am but I am also terribly behind :( although not with the journaling thankfully (I am doing that every day in my moleskine journal) but with the actual pages. I hope to have a chance to do a blitz this weekend and get myself up to date! We'll see ;)

Right now I need to go decide if I am going for a cycle (a static one in the garage) or sit and knit, mmmmmmm......and I leave you with an old image but one that reminds me of a glorious summer on this cold windy winters evening.

Later dudes!


Why are people so blooming rude?? This morning a guy walks into our office (he actully works for us in head office but is on a course this week), walks right past me at reception, so I turn and say 'hi you need to sign in please'.

Now just before I go on the reason they need to sign in each morning is......if there is a fire in the building we grab the sign in sheets and evacuate, and when we all meet up outside I can make sure that everyone signed in is outside, and if someone is missing I can alert the fire brigade.

So anyway this idiot has his earphones in so can't hear me and just keeps going. I have no issues with people listening to personal stereos while on the train (at a reasonable volume), while walking (although i think it is dangerous not to be able to hear cars etc) but when you walk into an office just out of courtesy and manners you take them out and say good morning! So now just to be a cow I am tempted to mark him as not hear so head office think he didn't attend every day of his course Mwhahahahahahah.

blimmin' hectic

Last week was a nightmare at work, too busy to touch down!! And my laptop has been playing silly buggers with the internet for ages so not much access in the evenings. Thought I had sorted it on Saturday when I did the hundred and one updates that have been popping up all over the place, but by Sunday is was slow again.......

Anyway this week is just as bad so not sure when i'll be able to the mean time I leave you with the knowledge that my wedding invites are finally done and ready to go in the post this afternoon, all cacooned in the envie with our Christmas cards. Woo Hoo!! No backing out now ;) My Christmas journal is lagging behind :( and I have a cj to do and get out by today :O sorry guys it will go tomorrow now! Oh and i'm picking up another cj from Sue tonight!

Laters dudes, and have a great week!!!!


It's the 1st of December and the day we start opening our advent presents! I received my box on Wednesday and last night I opened it up to make sure I knew where parcel number 1 was to make it easy to find and open at 6.15 this morning, lol. There was no way I was waiting till we got home tonight! I got a pack of twist ties, something I have been dying to try for so long but never bought, so hugest thanks secret santa!!

I have also received a few parcels from mom this week, an AMM scrappers hand bag, :) and this lush kit from Wild Limes Studio a SA based scrappbook kit company. Of course mom ordered us both the delux kit which is R450 and of course postage to send it to me was very expensive but it is truely well worth it as I have enough to complete a whole album!

Isn't the box it comes in divine!!

I have tried to lay everything out so you can see what's in there! There is a better picture on the web site though. The journal on the left hand side of the box is from
Go West Studios IT IS AMAZING!! The front cover is acrylic which is etched with a paisley pattern, so unusual, but i'm scared to do anything with it in case I do and get a better use idea the next day, lol!

I can't wait for tomorrow what I can take everything out and have a proper look at all the wonderful goodies!

And now I must go do some work! It is super busy at work next week so we have lots to do in preparation today! Have a good day y'all!!