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We got Danni all moved

We got Danni all moved into her new house on Saturday. It looks lovely with all her new things but I fear she may need a proper removals van when she moves again. She has gone from a tiny box room into a one bed flat. So now owns loads of stuff, including a vacuum cleaner and iron!

This LO was done as part of 'The Block' comp on UKS last year. My challenge was to use my partners fav technique and I was partnered up with Kirsty (KEW) who's fav technique is hand cutting. I hand cut the title and the dingbat in the corner. The photo was taken last April at Clan William which is in Orange country, north of Cape Town.

And it's another week in the quietest office in London. I have lots of work news but as it has taken me all day to write this much (in between playing HEXIC!) that it may take weeks to catch you all up, lol.

Under 3 weeks till ScrapManic, I am sooooooo excited!!

Another week has gone by

Another week has gone by since I last updated my blog....bad bad blogger. I really am trying but the days seem to just fly by!

UKS are having a gallery and old thread clear out so I have copied my old LOs onto my work pc so I can upload them here, will pop one on every day next week which will make me log on and blog!!

So here is the first, this is a photo of mum on her honeymoon, many many moons ago. I love this photo cause she looks so happy and care free, and so full of life. Papers are wild asparagus which were my favourites for a while, actually i still love them, just not used them in ages.

3 weeks today I will be on my way down to ScrapManic VI!! Actually I will almost be there, ready to check into my room at 2. Unpack the car and wait for all my wonderful friends to arrive so we can start the best weekend ever! I can't wait to see old friends, and by old, I mean - known for years, lol, and to meet and make new ones.

Danni is moving into her new flat tomorrow, and we're going down to help her with the van and of course to take her tv, dvd player, and micro that she bought while visiting last weekend. I can't belive she is leaving flat sharing to live on her own!! Such a grown up thing to do, way to go chicken, you'll love it!

And now I gotta go to some work :(

haPPy frIDay y'all and have a fab weekend!!

Scrapfairies DT is live!! I'm

Scrapfairies DT is live!! I'm not posting sneaky peaks cause you can see the real thing no, lol. My first submissions so go easy on me. Sam sent us the most delicious kit, Chatterbox papers (my fav), a blank tag book, yummy ribbons, slide mounts and gorgeous fairy flowers, these babies rock! I made up the tag book with photos of summer 2006, a card and a LO using my banner photo. I don't like photos of myself cause of the double chins and bulges but I seem to have been able to look past all that with this photo, maybe cause Anam made it look so lovely in my banner.

I totally forgot to tag people when I did my tag, but I know this has done it's rounds SO if you read this blog and haven't yet been tagged - consider yourself tagged now, lol. And send me a link so I can read up about your wierdness. Oh and Sam tagged me again so I will have a think and try come up with another 5 wierd things about myself.

I am going to get a little contravercial here, but I just can't keep my feelings to myself on this topic! Madonna and child........I have always defended Madonna although I know she stood on alot of toes and heads, on her climb up the ladder of success, she used people to get to the top, and hey it's okay cause in the pop world it really is the only way to get there. But this adoption thing is just way out of line! She bought a baby, a baby that has a parent, okay granted he can't afford to look after him, but there are hundreds of real orphans out there, babies who have no one, that will never one day go back to the parent/s. And now she wants another one, a girl, from the same village. Get a grip Madge. You don't buy babies! The adoption process takes years and there are hundreds of people on the register who don't have a spare mil to pay for the pleasure of having their own child. It's now a fashion statement that Britney has apparently stated she also wants an African baby. I have lost all respect for Madonna and will not support her music. (Although I hardly think it will make a difference in her life or to her bank balance.

I wish all those people who genuinely want to adopt all the luck and success in the world.

Lots of 'famous' bloggers leaving the blogging world, Rhonna Farrer and Cathy Z, and a few leaving the public world of scrapping, which is very sad but they must have their reasons and no doubt the change will be good for them.

This is a round about way has me thinking about why I blog, what to put on my blog and how often I update it. I love blogging and getting my thoughts out, but I just wish I could get to it everyday and at home on my laptop so I can add photos and LOs, but more often than not I blog at work, like now, where I don't have access to that sort of thing. The main reason for the blog is so my family and friends overseas can keep up with my life, scrapping and otherwise, but I do love that other scrappy people read it too so I do try keep up. I guess for the 'famous' scrap bloggers it's much more pressure to keep up and give something back to your fans. Oh well I wish them all well and hope they find what they are looking for away from the lime light.

And hey hey it's Friday!! I think there is a promise of rain the whole weekend, which will be good for the garden and my remaining summer flowers. Not so good for my huge washing pile *insert rolleye blinkie here*. Stu is out for bit of it so it will have to be a scrappy weekend for me!

Have a good weekend y'll!

Ooh it's been a long time since I last blogged

so apologies to those who read up on my life, I don't mean to be so slack.

So what's been happening????
Well I was a little ill last week, so had some time off work, just came back today and have had a hectic morning catching up. That's the real down side of being off! I really wish I had accessed my mail from home cause then I could have kept up with the workload.
I've also been trying out my knitting skills, nothing too fancy just a few scarves, a hat and i'm half way through a little hand bag. The first scarf went well, the second not so well, mainly because I made up the purl stitch I used, haha, but it looks okay. I figured out it was a made up stitch when I was half way through my hat and it looked nothing like the photograph on the pattern, so ripped it all out and looked up how to purl on the internet, DOH! Oh how we laughed. Anyway the bag is going well, but slow as the needles are so tiny and I have to keep changing wool.

I think everyone is going to get knitted gear from us for Christmas this year! I may even make the cats a new blanket for their basket, they have an old towel in there now, bless :D

And i've been tagged by Debs (Daisy on the right!)
The rules are: List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.
1. Even at 18 months old, Josh (my cat), hasn't lost his kitten meow. I think it's cause he was neutered young and his wotsits didn't have a chance to um drop!
2. I hate buying shoes that make my feet look big
3. Flo (my other cat) likes to cuddle with her head tucked under your arm so no one can see her.
4. For me, the best part of going to the cinema is having popcorn.
5. I am paranoid of my hair being wavy on the sides, I don't care what the back looks like, just the sides!

The wedding is all coming together, the big things are booked, I just need to decide on the invites, finalise the decor and sort the accomodation for the overseas visitors. Ho hum and only 5 and a half months to go!!

I have also been watching FRIENDS! I bought the 10 series box set and am about half way through series 3, boy it's going to take ages to finish.

Right i'm off home home, have a good evening y'all and if I feel inspired tonight I may even upload a few sneaky peaks at some DT work i've done! See ya later!

and so it goes on......

it is day three of Stuart birthday and he has had a good one this year, lol. So to recap he got clothes, a case of beer and a wallet from me. A BBQ cover from his brother and a T-shirt from his neices.

Then yesterday I took delivery of a SYNERGY N9, *huh* I hear you say, lol, yes I understand cause I don't get it either. BUT it is apparently the new, must have, premium radio control helicopter that is taking the world by storm!! It was held up in customs and didn't get to me till late yesterday afternoon, hence poor thing only getting boring clothes for his birthday (heehee), but he was so excited when he saw it and I felt good, getting him a gift he really wanted.

4 gallons of fuel, a swashplate *huh* and a motor where delivered to my work today which was all part of Johns gift which also didn't arrive in time for the day.

All in all he has had an awesome birthday and I am so looking forward to mine now!!

A pic I have posted before that is a last reminder of a glorious summer, learning how to look after a garden and appreciating life in the country!

Good night y'all and thanks for visiting!!


Autumn has certainly arrived! The mornings and evenings are very cold, and there is a bite in the wind. Although I do enjoy getting the winter wollies out and being all cosy and snug in my furry boots, scarf, gloves and hat, lol.

Sunday was a glorious day, not weather wise but just in general, I made us omlettes for breakfast, we lazed around watching dvds, the grand prix and i managed to make all my christmas cards and a few altered chipboards for the advent market we are doing. Stu made us roast chicken and veg for supper, which was too yummy.

Yesterday was Happy Birthday Stu!! And I got him up bright and early to open his presents and have a coffee with me before I had to leave for work. I bought him some clothes, a pair of jeans, a lumberjack shirt, a jumper and a T-shirt and a case of beer and a wallet. You may say he has been thoroughly spolit and I have to agree! But there's more.......check back tomorrow for an update, lol!

Ooh and the most exciting news is we have booked flights for my mom, aunt and uncle and my sisters to come over for the wedding. I was doing a little search on Friday and found the cheepest ever flights so I confirmed with all that the timing etc was good and mom booked them on Saturday morning. SO OVERLY EXCITED!! Now I have to go in search of caravans/motor homes which we will park in our garden for our guests cause my house is so not big enough to accomodate 6 extra people for 2 weeks :o !!

Um....yes, in case you wondered Stu and I have no chance of jetting off on honeymoon straight after the wedding, but we will get away once they have all gone and we'll book into a hotel on our wedding night ;)

I wish i had a photo or LO to share but I am on my work pc. Thanks for looking and have a great day y'all


have been together 8 years today! I can't believe it has been so long and I love him more and more with each day that passes. And in 6 month we will be married.........I will be marrying my best friend, my love and the most wonderful guy on earth.