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Week 2s pad summer CC

Week 2s pad summer CC challenge was again split inot two parts, 1st was to do a LO inspired by the title or a quote from the movie The Breakfast Club or St Elmos Fire. 2 classics that I love. The quote I picked was 'do you know how popular I am? I am *SO* popular, everyone at this school loves me'. It's very tongue in cheek but I am so glad I got to scrap this photo! and 2nd we had to do a LO inspired by the Wham album 'make it big', so it could be a song title, the album title or a line from a song. Mine is not a very serious LO and based on the title 'Wake me up before you go go', bit of a broad interpretation, haha. The LO title is 'please don't wake me up' and I have used a photo of Josh curled up asleep and looking too darn cute. I have an annoying habit of always waking him up for cuddles and kisses :)

Yesterday we went to the Farnborough air show and it was so fantastic! I have never seen Jets fly in real life and the sound was just awesome, it seemed to rumble your tummy as they took off. The A380 did a demo and I must admit I was a little nervous as it is just not natural for a hunk of metal like that to do twists and turns so close to the ground. But it too was an swesome spectacle. Oh course there where a few C130s and I am still determined ot have one in the garden as my studio! But I was also looking at the Chinook, which is just an spectacular helicopter, and it comes a close second in my search for garden ornaments :o It was very hot again, but we luckily managed to stay hydrated, and I got to top up my tan! It was a very long day but a most enjoyable one, now I need to sift through my hundreds of photos to find some that I can scrap....

Have a good Monday y'all!