Woo Hoo
All my links.....

Still on a high today........

from making it into a design team!! lol.

I did not however make it into Jillybeans team, although I did make the final vote which is just a huge boost to my confidence.

It's another very hot day in London and i am so tempted to take a half day and perhaps tomorrow off too. I want to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and spend time in my garden.

Yesterday I baked a carrot cake, and, even if I say so myself, it was delish! I gave two big fat slices to Ron and Poppy and had a slice myself. I really should have brought the rest in to work for the guys but actually it is too good to share, so i'll have the rest myslef tonight mwhahahahahahaha. On another note I actually don't know what has come over me lately, this is the second time I have baked in less than a week :O mmmmm I wonder if i'm brooding??