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My new, very girly (so

My new, very girly (so Stu says, hee hee), dressing table mirror and jewelery stand! Aren't they gorgeous!! So glad this week is over, it's been very draining and i'm feeling quite fed up :( I need a break so looking forward to having a little one in August. Even though I decided not to go back to SA for yearly holidays I have to say I've missed it this year. It's always a boost of sunshine D, and great shopping and of course lots of swimming!

So looking forward to spending time in the garden this weekend, it's my tonic.......

Oh and last but not least a big {{hug}} and special thanks to Suzanne for sending me {{hugs}} today I so needed them :)

A randon pic from the

A randon pic from the weekend. Ron gave us loads of gorgeous veg, lettuce, potatoes, spring onions and carrots! So yummy!! We really are spoilt. Yesterday our power went off again, but this time only for a hour and luckily near the end of the day so no real disruption to classes. But a huge pain in the arse!

I am home today as I have a dodgy tum, won't go into too much detail :D but it's not nice :(

We have had another glorious

We have had another glorious weekend in the country! We did our shopping on Saturday morning, including a trip to the market for greek olives, fete and stuffed chillies YUMMY!! Stu did lots of work on his veggie patch yesterday, he has about 40 broccoli and cauliflower plants (that's 40 of each :o ) so he had to extend it a bit to accomodate them. I planted some seeds into trays and also split my cosmos plants, that I got from May, into seperate pots.

When I put the nastersium seeds into pots all those months ago I also planted mission bells, but they didn't do very well when I transplanted them into the garden and I thought they had all died but yesterday I noticed some of them have started to grow and one has even started to flower, so maybe I'm a little green fingered after all!

I'm trying my hand at growing peppers too, Stu didn't have any luck and I doubt I will be any more successful but there is no harm in trying.

Last night we had a roast dinner, the first for a very long time, the potatoes came from Mays garden and the roasted carrots came out of Stus garden. We used shop brought onions only because we bought so many last weekend but the ones in the garden are ready to eat! We also got loads of lettuce from Ron yesterday that I washed and popped into the fridge. I think we will have left over chicken, boiled potatoes with mint and fresh garden salad for dinner tonight!

I hope you all have a fab day!

Freaky Friday

What a day! Yesterday just before 2 we had a power outage the whole office in total darkness and of course no phones or pcs (which is really bad in a business that does IT certification!) We spent the afternoon trying to keep everyone happy and find out when the power would be back on. When I left at 4.30 there was no change.......

This morning when I got in there was STILL no change, yes that's right our office was still in total darkness, and to make matters worse the emergence lighting had also gone out as they only last a certain amount of time on battery. We managed to set up our coffee purculator out in the main reception so at least we could make the delegates coffee before sending them home! By 11 though we were back on and here I sit waiting for 4.30 so I can go home......

It's also a year since 7/7 and the city is very quiet, i'm sure lots of people chose to stay at home today with their families.
My last photo of the week is Stuart flying his Raptor 50, he is really doing so well and getting the hover perfected, soon I imagine he'll have his 'training wheels' off!

Happy Friday y'all!

Last Sunday was open gardens

Last Sunday was open gardens in our village, basically people come from all over and pay a fee for a map and the chance to walk around and look at the beautiful gardens. Stu and I helped on the big field which was used as the car park, and luckily only had to be out there for 2 hours as it was so dang hot! Mark was up at his alotment with William so when we got back from carpark duty I managed to get a few photos of him. Love this one of him looking so cool in his cap, lol. And talking about being hot.......... My poor kitties have been trying to find shady spots to sleep and shelter from the scorching sun. I spotted them both crashed out under the hedge and couldn't resist some photos (blogger plays havoc with the colours so they're not as clear as IRL) Thankfully is has cooled down a little today, well it was this morning but goodness knows we will be melting again on the train on the way home.

Happy Thursday everyone!

My flowers!

It's so grey and dull outside that I thought some bright and sunny flowers might cheer me up! This first pic is my cosmos, I have white and pink that are flowering like crazy and last night May gave me some more that she has grown from seed. They are still teeny tiny so i'll need to nurture them more before planting them into the garden. I have 6 Cape Daisies, 2 white, a pink, a purple, a light burgandy and these lovely bright yellow ones. They are so cheerful and being Stus moms favourite plant they also bring him lots of joy! This last photo is of a plant I don't know the name of but I managed to catch a bumblebee poking him butt out of one of the flowers :D

I have news to update but want to do it with photos so watch this space and i'll post agian tomorrow, or tonight!