It's yet another hot day
The saga of Josh and

Josh the hunter

Josh has been at it again! Last night he brought a baby rabbit into the house, I chased him out and in the process the rabbit got away. This morning I heard a noice downstairs and knew it was him with the rabbit! I chased him out and again the rabbit got away. Mid morning I was outside photographing butterflies when I heard the squealing and rushed to lock the cat flap and close the door.

He spent ages, at least an hour, chasing the rabbit around the garden, both of them were exhausted. The rabbit didn't have the strength to escape and Josh didn't have the strenght to kill it.

But finally the clever little thing managed to get under the line of trees and across the road onto the field. I followed him over and began chasing it to the other side and into the bushes. He was so tired that I managed to get quite close to take photos! You can see he's a bit dishevelled from his attacks....

Half way across the field the poor thing was just too exhausted to go on and came and lay down next to my foot. I had the zoom lens on the camera so had to use the macro setting to get this shot, lol.

I put the camera down and carried him across to the bushes. I hope he doesn't get killed by the other rabbits cause I have touched him :( and I hope the exhaustion doesn't kill him.

And that is quite enough excitment for one day, i'm back to scrapping!