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Josh the hunter

It's yet another hot day

It's yet another hot day in London and still we have no air con in the office. The poor delegates are sweltering in the classrooms and we have a few mobile air con units working overtime to try make it bareable for them.

Today is the end of my working week, I have a day off tomorrow cause Stu is off to the 3D masters and is taking the landie so i'll be house bound till Sunday. Won't be an issue though cause I plan to do lots of early morning and late night gardening (in the cool) and during the day I am going to scrap my little fingers off. I am terribly behind on my Speshal dares (link to the right and down a bit), and week 3 of the pad/Speshal challenges need to be uploaded by midnight on Sunday.

I also have an idea for a mini book which I will make and upload so make sure you check back ;)