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The saga of Josh and

The saga of Josh and his hunting continued into Saturday night and I managed to save another tiny baby rabbit from his evil clutches. To be honest I have no problem with them hunting or killing, but it's the torture and playing with the animal first that I don't like :( And I know by rescuing the creature I have only let it live to grow and eat our veggies, ho hum........

So round three of the pad summer CC comp and the themes this week where again FAB! The first was to do a LO inspired by the title or a line from either Dirty Dancing or Flashdance. I used the quote 'When you give up your dream, you die' from Flashdance, and the LO is titled 'I WANT TO LOVE YOU 4EVER'. The sentiment behind the LO is about my longing to get married and have a baby and wanting to be with Stu. Giving up on my dream to have them both would have resulted in me loosing out on one of them, something that I never wanted to happen. Luckily our love is too strong!
The second LO needed to come from Michael Jacksons THRILLER album, again using a song title or a line from the song. My LO is titled PRETTY SASSY GAL and comes from the song title PRETTY YOUNG THING (not 100% sure about the title but it's only stuck on with temp herma so I can change it later if I want). Photos are of Danni taken back in 2002.

Only 109 days till ScrapManic! So excited and can't wait to hear what the classes will be and who is teaching. And of course seeing the 'gutter girls', my 'lovely room' pals and the girls who are coming from the Pad! It promises, again, to be a FABO weekend.

I said to check back for the mini album I was making over the weekend......I made the album but didn't get all the pages done so will try do it during the week and let you all see.

Josh the hunter

Josh has been at it again! Last night he brought a baby rabbit into the house, I chased him out and in the process the rabbit got away. This morning I heard a noice downstairs and knew it was him with the rabbit! I chased him out and again the rabbit got away. Mid morning I was outside photographing butterflies when I heard the squealing and rushed to lock the cat flap and close the door.

He spent ages, at least an hour, chasing the rabbit around the garden, both of them were exhausted. The rabbit didn't have the strength to escape and Josh didn't have the strenght to kill it.

But finally the clever little thing managed to get under the line of trees and across the road onto the field. I followed him over and began chasing it to the other side and into the bushes. He was so tired that I managed to get quite close to take photos! You can see he's a bit dishevelled from his attacks....

Half way across the field the poor thing was just too exhausted to go on and came and lay down next to my foot. I had the zoom lens on the camera so had to use the macro setting to get this shot, lol.

I put the camera down and carried him across to the bushes. I hope he doesn't get killed by the other rabbits cause I have touched him :( and I hope the exhaustion doesn't kill him.

And that is quite enough excitment for one day, i'm back to scrapping!

It's yet another hot day

It's yet another hot day in London and still we have no air con in the office. The poor delegates are sweltering in the classrooms and we have a few mobile air con units working overtime to try make it bareable for them.

Today is the end of my working week, I have a day off tomorrow cause Stu is off to the 3D masters and is taking the landie so i'll be house bound till Sunday. Won't be an issue though cause I plan to do lots of early morning and late night gardening (in the cool) and during the day I am going to scrap my little fingers off. I am terribly behind on my Speshal dares (link to the right and down a bit), and week 3 of the pad/Speshal challenges need to be uploaded by midnight on Sunday.

I also have an idea for a mini book which I will make and upload so make sure you check back ;)

One day I will take

One day I will take photographs like my mate Darrin ! We used to be neighbours, before we became country bumpkins, he is my inspiration and if he would just sit still long enough I would have him teach me everything he knows. Check out his site, he has some seriously amazing photos!

Week 2s pad summer CC

Week 2s pad summer CC challenge was again split inot two parts, 1st was to do a LO inspired by the title or a quote from the movie The Breakfast Club or St Elmos Fire. 2 classics that I love. The quote I picked was 'do you know how popular I am? I am *SO* popular, everyone at this school loves me'. It's very tongue in cheek but I am so glad I got to scrap this photo! and 2nd we had to do a LO inspired by the Wham album 'make it big', so it could be a song title, the album title or a line from a song. Mine is not a very serious LO and based on the title 'Wake me up before you go go', bit of a broad interpretation, haha. The LO title is 'please don't wake me up' and I have used a photo of Josh curled up asleep and looking too darn cute. I have an annoying habit of always waking him up for cuddles and kisses :)

Yesterday we went to the Farnborough air show and it was so fantastic! I have never seen Jets fly in real life and the sound was just awesome, it seemed to rumble your tummy as they took off. The A380 did a demo and I must admit I was a little nervous as it is just not natural for a hunk of metal like that to do twists and turns so close to the ground. But it too was an swesome spectacle. Oh course there where a few C130s and I am still determined ot have one in the garden as my studio! But I was also looking at the Chinook, which is just an spectacular helicopter, and it comes a close second in my search for garden ornaments :o It was very hot again, but we luckily managed to stay hydrated, and I got to top up my tan! It was a very long day but a most enjoyable one, now I need to sift through my hundreds of photos to find some that I can scrap....

Have a good Monday y'all!

The journal of a........

first time gardener, is what I spent my morning making. The idea for the style came from a cyber crop planner Ching made over on UKS. I love the idea of using envelopes to create an acordian journal. i have used Crate new garden collection papers and co-ordinating cardstock.

Inside the 'front' are 5 pockets, (the envelopes), which each have a theme, 'what to plant where?', 'buying plants' etc, and inside each envelope are two large tags for journalling and photos.

and again on the back there will be more journalling, in fact I plan to fill it up with as much info and feeling as possible. As I have said before this is the first year I have ever had a garden of my own and it has been a awesome journey of discovery!

Pad challenge

Debbie and the Speshal dare girls are running a series of challenges on the pad leading up to the summer cyber crop. Week 1s challenge, which was last week, was to create a LO using the title or a quote from one of the two following films....Pretty Woman or Beaches. AND a LO using the title or words from Madonnas Like a Virgin album. So here are my two LOs... Firstly the LO using the title of the film Beaches, which in South Africa was called Forever Friends, and it a LO based around the friendship between my best bud and me. We have been best friends for 21 years! and I love her dearly. ( I have been asked to take this LO down until it is decided if they will publish it or not - It will be back ;) ) The second is a LO using a photo of my new jewelery stand that I posted last week. It's inspiration came from the song title Material Girl, which describes me to a T!

Still on a high today........

from making it into a design team!! lol.

I did not however make it into Jillybeans team, although I did make the final vote which is just a huge boost to my confidence.

It's another very hot day in London and i am so tempted to take a half day and perhaps tomorrow off too. I want to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and spend time in my garden.

Yesterday I baked a carrot cake, and, even if I say so myself, it was delish! I gave two big fat slices to Ron and Poppy and had a slice myself. I really should have brought the rest in to work for the guys but actually it is too good to share, so i'll have the rest myslef tonight mwhahahahahahaha. On another note I actually don't know what has come over me lately, this is the second time I have baked in less than a week :O mmmmm I wonder if i'm brooding??

Woo Hoo

Good morning bloggers! Feeling very chuffed with myself this morning as I have been selected to be on the Kraft Stop design team! The LO above was the one I sent in for my 'audition'. Well done to the rest of the team too...


....I am looking forward to getting to know you all over the course of the next year.

Happy Sunday!