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December 2005

Twittery Tuesday

Well the rest of my weekend was great! Sunday I popped out to Sainsburys to do a bit of shopping, needed a few essentials like bread and coffee, lol. Then I had a lovely chat to mom about Christmas and what our plans are for the week she is here. I also got her to do the shopping lists for what we need for Christmas and new year.

I then spent the rest of the day scrapping, and chatting!

Last night Mike and Chantal came to stay as Mike had an interview in Luton this morning, actually he's probably still there now! I hope it all goes well for him, cause then they will move up closer to us which will be great!

Today i'm not feeling great have a dicky tummy, and feel nauseus (sp). Will go home when Tracy comes in :(

Still have tons to do at home, but thankfully I got the bathroom and kitchen cleaned and scrubbed last night. And all the muddy paw prints that adorn every surface of the house.

Saturday night

What a lovely weekend i'm having!

Got home last night feeling exhausted and not inspired to do much after feeling so inspired all day, grrrrr! Anyway I sat at the pc and chatted to Kerry and the girls on UKS and SP. I also placed a little order at scrapbook central, well not so little but all essentials.

Then at about 10pm my inspiration to actually do something came back and I made a start on Tracys christmas present. I decided to make her an altered lunch tin - Tracys dinner party planner - for themes and ideas for all the dinner parties she is going to throw in the new year!! It's lovely, even if I do say so myself and if her name wasn't on it, i'd be keeping it, lol.

Finally got into bed at about 12, and fell asleep instantly. I did however set the alarm before going to bed which i'm happy about cause I know I would have had a long lie in and wasted half my day. So when the alarm went off at 8 I got up made some tea and got started on the inserts for the lunch tin. It was such a clear, beautiful day that at 10am I went out for a walk with the camera, got some great shots of the farm barn and also the church. Obviously when I got home I had to make a start on the barn LO and of course once I started I had to finish, used my Daisy D's french market papers. Am really happy with the way it's turned out and the papers are so lush!!

I have printed pics of the church but as yet am not sure what papers to use so i'll hold out for a bit on that one. But in my search for papers for the church pics I came upon some Wild Asparagus papers that are perfect for some photos I have of me. I am wearing a M&S top that has a pattern on it and the pattern is amost identical to the paper! So chuffed!! The colours are way off so I printed the pics Sepia and I can't believe how well it goes. Will make a start on that LO in a bit.

In between all my scrapping I managed to sort my albums which had got into a muddle, so most LOs are back in their correct album and I seperated my chatterbox papers into rooms which makes it so much easier when looking for papers. Just scary to discover how much I have and there are three full sets on their way from the US too, yikes!!

Right i'm off to scrap....

I'm getting there

Phew, I managed to build my desk last night, except I couldn't get the screw driver bit to stay in the drill so had to screw it together by hand!! I now have a very sore, blistered hand, but the desk looks great in it's new spot and once I get all my stuff packed away the room is going to be lovely!!

I had two mice in the house this morning, 1 was still very much alive and being terrorised by Josh so he got chased outside, the other was headless and lying in the bathroom :o YUCK!!

a busy night

So last night Ben came around and helped me move the futon, after a bit of thought I decided to move it in the second bedroom, not sure it's ideal but I also don't want it to get ruined in the garage. Now I have a big empty space in the office, plan to build the desk tonight and start moving my scrapping stuff and hopefully get myself set up properly.

My very exciting news is that I spoke to Lynn last night and oh it was so good to hear her voice again. We had a good giggle about the shenanigans we got up to back in the day and it was like we spoke only yesterday. I got the run down on the family and where they are all are, and how many have had babies. Garry has three :o an eighteen month old girl and 4 month old twin boys. Can't belive Garry is a dad!!

We are hoping to meet up in Edinburgh for my birthday which will just be so cool!

I am so close

to finding my very special friend Lynn, who I lost contact with about 5 years ago and it's all thanks to the pushing and pestering of my lovely friend Clive who managed to find me after 10 years no contact!!

I had a long chat to her Aunt Cathy who we both lived with back in '95 and she has given me their home number so tonight I can give her a call and we can have a good old bleather about the old days and catch up on all the news.

Ooh so excited!!

the plan is in motion

so I have to get this office/scrap room sorted as I said earlier, and have spoken to Ben (McDonnell plumbings apprentice) and he is coming round tomorrow night to help me move the futon down to the garage. Then I will have to build the desk, yikes, and then it's the big tidy up, bigger yikes!!

but at least something is happening and the office will be all tidy and organised for Stus return!

Counting the sleeps

okay so anyone who knows me knows I do the sleep count thing leading up to any occasion and right now I have a few counts going on.....

10 Sleeps till mom arrives for Christmas
14 sleeps till Christmas
18 sleeps till Stu gets home from SA
and.... 34 sleeps till my birthday!!

I have had a few projects on and thankfully I have finished the last one and have it here today to post. Then I have a load of cjs here that I really must get done, feeling very bad about hanging onto them for so long but I just don't have the inspiration for them right now :( Not sure what to do??

And I guess I need to get on with my Christmas present making, only doing a couple but I haven't made a start yet, YIKES.

My plans for this week are to...
1. Get the futon moved out of the 'office/scraproom' into the garage so I can
2. build the other desk and
3. move myself to the new desk and
4. maybe get all my scrapping stuff unpacked (yes there is still stuff to unpack following the move) and then
5. pull out all the stuff I have no intention of using and get it sold off.

I hope to get some scrapping done in the middle of all this, lol, yeah right. I think I may land up scrapping loads and not doing any of the above.