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Hey hey it's Friday

And it's a long weekend, which means three lie ins!!

Last Saturday Stuart and I took a drive up to Hatfield to look around some of the little villages in the area for one that we may want to live in. We were both happy with Kimpton so now the search for a house begins. We will rent initially and then look into buying a property.

It's all very exciting but i'm also nervous moving away form an area that has been home for a long time. I will miss Mortlake but I think it's time for a change and business wise for Stuart it will be a good one. I will have a possibly longer commute but with a book to read it won't bother me. The weekends will be bliss with lots of open space for Stuart to fly and lots of place for the cats to run free and gasp, maybe even a garden with grass, lol.

We are hoping to look at some houses either this weekend or next.

The weather forcast for the weekend is good, nice and sunny!

Show me the blog

It's been ages since I wrote in my blog, just pure laziness really ! So to catch up......

I have taken on the job of running a newbie circle journal. There are 10 in the group all never having done a cj before. From the sounds of things they are all very excited, but also nervous. One year ago on the 9th September, I started my first cj, I now have 3 home and another 4 still doing their rounds. I think i'm addicted !

I've done quite a few LOs over the past few weeks, unfortuanatly I have no space left on my UKS gallery so haven't uploaded them. I really need to figure out how to upload LOs into my personal gallery.

Life in general:
Stuart and I went to Whipsnade wild animal park last Sunday. It was a lovely day and I got to take loads of photos with my SLR, now I need to get them scrapped. On the way home we stopped at a 12th century church, we were very fortunate that it was open so we got to look inside. The stained glass windows were absolutely beautiful. I took some photos but not sure yet if they have come out as i haven't had the film processed yet.

Josh is getting so big, he wolfs his food down in the evenings and has any food left in Flos bowl too, lol. Flo is just a precious cat, she is gorgeous and loves to cuddle her Stu!

I'm sure i've missed something out.............