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The change in season

Autumn 2016 change of season

Autumn is in full swing here in Hertfordshire. Trees are glowing red, orange and yellow and we have been blessed with some beautiful bright blue skies. But I have been feeling uneasy. The change from summer into autumn and winter throws me off my routine and I feel closed in and anxious.

Growing up, I didn't see much change in the seasons. It was hot, bloody hot, or warm all year round in Durban, South Africa. When we arrived in the UK in 1999, I was so excited and in awe of the real obvious change in season that I didn't ever feel the darkness closing in around me. Exactly when that started to happen I couldn't tell you but I have been very aware of it for a few years now.

It's like falling down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole! It's dark and damp and I'm never sure which way is up, there is no end in sight. The notion of having no way to stop the fall and try climb back out is really frightening.

This year has been particularly hard and I am just starting to see the light again and regaining some order. Tidying and sorting and purging has helped, and I'm celebrating the victories and ignoring what is still left to do. I'm seeing clear spaces that will soon be filled with Christmas décor and that is going some way to making me feel festive and a bit merry.
My Get to Work Book is my trusty companion during these unsettled days. Giving myself a daily task.....1 load of washing, put shopping bags in the car, clear/clean lounge side table. Basic tasks and just one a night. But each one important.

Some slow and easy crafting has helped too. Of course it has! A crochet project that is started and finished in a week, gives me focus and a sense of achievement. It makes me happy.

Starting and finishing my 2015 'Journal Your Christmas' album in a weekend, reminded me how much I love and miss papercrafting. It makes me so happy.

Slowly the cloud lifts and that makes me super happy! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Summer = Sandals

For us in the northern hemisphere it's summer. Um, yes it's supposed to be summer! As I type this post it's raining and blustery outside and we're all well and truely fed up.

But on the few days that the sun does show it's pretty face we all bounce out of bed and into shorts, vest tops and sandals, showing far too much lily white flesh and dry cracked heels. My poor heels really do take a bashing and they get so sore from the deep cracks.

In an attempt to prevent this happening for yet another summer I stepped up (ba boom - i'm here all week) my foot care regime to form new habits.


About 10 years ago my other mum bought me a Margaret Roberts lavender hand cream from Woolworths South Africa. Woolies is the SA equivalent to M&S here in the UK.
I loved it and used it on my hands and feet every night before going to sleep. I knew it wasn't going to last forever so I tried other creams to find a closer to home alternative. I'm sure I went through every brand in Boots and found that they all left my feet feeling oily. It was like a moisture coating that just came off on my socks!
Thankfully Stuart went to visit his dad in Cape Town and I sent him to Woolies to stock up for me! But again, it didn't last forever and I have been ekeing out the last tube over two years only using it when my poor feet were really dry.

Last week I took my visiting family to Hitchin Lavender, a place that I have wanted to visit for years but didn't have anyone to go with. Although it's not flowering season it was still lovely to see the rows of plants and imagine it in full bloom. Chloe and I have made plans to go back to see it in full flower!
Oh course we had to have a little look around the shop and I spied a lavender and peppermint foot cream. Now I did have high hopes that this cream was going to be the answer to my feet care needs and it has not disspointed! Although I was a bit annoyed that the answer was SO close to home and I missed it!

Alongside the foot cream I am using the AVON invigorating scrub with a gentle foot file every three days to remove any dead skin. On the other days I use a wash cloth and soap to exfoliate and remove excess cream.

I wish I had taken before and after photos of my heels. I'm really so impressed with the difference and loving not having to deal with sore feet in open sandals.

Happy holiday feet!!

Ciao xx

PS. Opinions in this post are my own and all products have been paid for by me.